Tsunami Advisory in Effect

According to Hawaii County Civil Defense,  Hawaii has moved from a Tsunami Watch to a  “Tsunami Advisory.” The Pacific Tsunami Center reported waves 3.2 feet above normal  in Hilo every 16 minutes, as of 2  a.m. That’s not anything close to the 1946 or 1960 tsunamis, but unexpected waves and currents could present a hazard to swimmers, boaters and beach goers.

Based on all available data a major tsunami is not expected to
strike the state of Hawaii. However…sea level changes and
strong currents may occur along all coasts that could be a hazard
to swimmers and boaters as well as to persons near the shore at
beaches and in harbors and marinas. the threat may continue for
several hours after the initial wave arrival.

The Civil Defense announcement:

“The Pacific Tsunami Warning Center has issued a Tsunami Advisory for the State of Hawaii effective 3:24 p.m.  this afternoon.  An earthquake with a magnitude of 8.3 occurred off the coast of Chile.

“A tsunami advisory is issued due to the threat of a potential changes in sea level and strong currents which may be dangerous to those in or near the water. The threat may continue for several hours after the arrival of the initial waves or sea level changes, however significant widespread inundation is not expected for areas under an advisory.  Presently, the initial arrival of any wave action or sea level changes and currents for Hawaii Island is expected around 3:00am tomorrow morning and may last for several hours.  Again, widespread inundation is not expected.  This will be the last information update unless conditions change.”


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