Island Events — Lilikoi Festival is Oct. 17

imageIndulge your passion for Passion Fruit at the 3rd Annual Lilikoi Festival Oct. 17.
This year’s festival is being held at the Maku’u Market just outside of Pahoa.
Open from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. This popular and fun event features a Lilikoi themed cooking contest, cooking demonstrations, vendor booths, live music and keiki activities.
Entry fee $5. Children 11 & under are Free!!

More information at:

Vendors and cooking contest entries are still welcome! Contact Fran at 982-7511.

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  1. Puna Ohana
    Puna Ohana says:

    Saturday Market, $5 cover, (rolls eyes and sighs) lol
    I get lilikoi rotting all over my aina, choke abundance. :/

  2. Kelly
    Kelly says:

    Only five dollars!
    A good time with community ohanas,
    get new recipes,
    taste your neighbor’s lovely creation,
    learn new ways to use all that abundance.
    Bring some of that abundance and share with the community.
    Another way to enjoy Puna, Big Island.

  3. Puna Ohana
    Puna Ohana says:

    learn new ways to use all that abundance….like I need more ways to do more things…lol
    I get several lilikoi vines. It’s a weed, growing in my trees just like a few other vines that will eventually kill the trees. The coconuts rot or sprout all over the ground, the guava is for make jam trails. Mango I get some if I beat the goats to em. Lilikoi if someone collects them regularly it’s ok but I’m not pickin fruit, I’m retired. Or just tired from all the other stuff I do. I know how to make ono lilikoi butter. You can make that without lumps of egg, you can make lilikoi anything. Bring lilikoi to a lilikoi festival? Why? you think there won’t be enough there? lol sweet

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