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  1. Christopher Biltoft
    Christopher Biltoft says:

    I live in Kapoho Vacationland, a private residential area that is open to the public (7am-7pm) for access to the Wai’Opae Tide Pools. Most visitors are respectful and park in the parking area provided. However, some (mostly local) visitors park in the “No Parking” tidal zone along Wai’Opae Road and fish in the Marine Life Conservation District. Some regularly do this at night when we do not want unknown people rummaging around our neighborhood. We have no support from the police (too busy, not interested) or the DLNR (not available, slow response). When confronted, these unwanted visitors are often aggressive and abusive. Please help us develop a plan to control aggressive, abusive visitors.

  2. Mary Fleming
    Mary Fleming says:

    I am concerned about over-fishing in the Wai’Opae tide pools. In particular, net fishing is used to scoop up many fish at once. Only some of the fish are kept. This practice depletes the nursery that renews the fish stock and threatens diversity of species. In an area popular with out of state visitors who come to observe reef fish, net fishing threatens the source of income for many tourist related jobs. Fishing of any sort should be regulated as to type of fish, method of fishing and size and quantity of catch. Most other states regulate fishing in their waters. Hawaii should also.

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