***Commentary*** Speculation On The Puna Hot Seat; Here Comes Campaign Season

My initial thoughts upon reading that State Sen. Russell Ruderman is seeking re-election rather than pursue the Council District 4 seat he was said to be eyeing:

Campaign season is upon us! The state Senate seat for Puna is going to be one hot race, with Ruderman seeking to keep his seat after one term, and Greggor Ilagan officially seeking the Puna Senate seat after two terms as the lower Puna councilman. In the most generalized sneak peak, I see a major scrap ahead between environmentalists and biotech/GMO defenders. While that promises to be a lively race to watch, the Council seats in Puna and beyond are going to be sought by a whole cast of characters, as you can imagine. Then there is the mayor’s race ahead. The peanut gallery is going to be a hoot, that’s for damn sure. — Tiffany Edwards Hunt

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  1. Puna Ohana
    Puna Ohana says:

    Local politics is the best free entertainment locally there is.
    There should be a pre-requisite. Like a Masters in some Poli-sci major.
    Should be a Bachelors requirement for cops and other Civil employees too.

  2. Kelly
    Kelly says:

    Off topic a bit;
    I would like all Big Island candidates to be newly creative with their campaigning to actually let voters know who they are, and what values drive them.
    I would like to ask all candidates to refrain from highway side poster waving and hand waving as a campaign strategy.
    Highway side campaigning is meant to take drivers attention from the highway and put it on the matching t-shirts and smiley shakas.
    This hwy distraction does nothing to inform the voter about the candidate.
    The illusion of popularity should not take the place of information.
    And campaigning should not increase hwy driving risks.
    Want my vote?

  3. Roy Dean
    Roy Dean says:

    The Portuguese, Filipino, Chinese and Japanese all utilize “block” voting methods. The Hawaiians and Caucasians (white folks) do
    not. native Hawaiians (little “n” on purpose) very seldom vote as a “block” unless their leaders feel strongly about a specific person.

    Hawaii County Voting 101

    May your family have a very Mele Kalikimaka.

  4. Puna Ohana
    Puna Ohana says:

    Good, someone else besides myself thinks the sign waiving is a popularity contest. And in a state where billboards are illegal so should advertising for candidates be so. Another stupid human trick, “let’s distract drivers”, take their eyes off the iPhone for 3 seconds.
    Why can’t one candidate running try working to ending this stupidity?

  5. Puna Ohana
    Puna Ohana says:

    James, your opponent didn’t win by sign waving. It’s aina pollution anyway. If candidate has to advertise by signage to win, they aren’t getting out to meet many people face to face.
    With the up coming FAKE Presidential election, I remind my self what choice??? do we have. Hill or Stump? Really dumb and dumber? One is part of the same old insider corrupt organization(gender makes no difference), the other a raving lunatic. Who, of which I’m guessing there are people in Puna who would actually vote for, that lying egomaniac. Not that it matters at all, to people living in Hawaii. Our vote doesn’t count anyway. By the time our polls close the election is already called on the mainland. Not unless by some fluke Hawaii became a tie breaker. Not gonna happen. We don’t even get to pick a candidate. The corporate media and the Koch Bros. decide who takes a turn at screwing us and making themselves wealthy.
    It’s disgusting the money spent on state dinners, campaigns, junkets etc. etc. when D.C. it’self if a poverty stricken population of service personnel to the elite rulers of this oligarchy. Millions of children all over our country are malnourished and go hungry every night. There are more than TWO MILLION homeless children in the US, an politicians live a gluttonous life.

    The only thing Hawaii has going for it is that it detached and about 20 years behind. Not really thought about as part of the whole. You know Free shipping to the Continental states only? LOL
    Also WTSHTF we’ll be sittin pretty if you grow/raise your own sustenance.
    These local elections are of little consequence. Voting for a CC or a Mayor who isn’t going to do squat for you, unless like all else, in this sick capitalist greedy society, how much $$$ you have to donate to their election. Money talks, all else….
    It’s best to NOT follow the election games and spend the time better doing productive things. No matter who plays the puppet, it has no ripple effect in my life. But hey, Billy thanks for jackin up auto reg. costs.

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