Puna News — Malama O Puna To Host Political Forums Throughout July


(Media release) — This election season Malama O Puna will once again host a series of candidate forums to assist the public in making informed choices.  All the candidates for a given race will be invited.  All questions will be worded in a neutral, non-leading form.  Candidates will rotate first through last in the answering sequence, so that no one has an unfair advantage.  Each candidate will give an introductory statement of three minutes.

Because Malama O Puna is an environmental nonprofit, its board will select the first three to five questions.  They will not be yes-no questions, but will require knowledge of the issue and allow the attendees to gain an insight into the thinking of the candidate.  The next phase of the program will open the floor to questions from the audience until 8 p.m., when the event ends.

The public is encouraged to attend all the forums.  Malama O Puna does, however, request that everyone arrive early so that the forum can move forward without any interruptions or disruptions.

Following is the candidate forum schedule:

Council Districts 4 & 5: Thursday, July 14

State House & Senate:     Monday,   July 18

Mayor, Hawai‘i County: Thursday, July 21

Prosecuting Attorney:     Monday,   July 25*

*only if race is contested

All forums will be held at the Pahoa Neighborhood Facility and will begin promptly at 5:30 p.m.

For more info: malamaopuna@yahoo.com.

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  1. Orwellian Nightmare
    Orwellian Nightmare says:

    Get political? Why? That’s like getting religious or gambling in the stock market. You need faith. It’s really hard to put any faith in the trinity of evil. Economics (Banks), Religion (Churches) and Politics (The Monster, Gov.). The illusion of a Democratic society, the fallacy that YOUR vote counts. Not with electronic elections, and hackable software. Reversible results. When other countries have more than a 2% difference in exit polls the U.S. Gov. says that’s a corrupt election. We have more than 6% and it’s ignored, not reported on MSN. The corporate military complex, news programs, have the majority of America believing we’re all under attack. Yet they ignore the obvious.
    Too many pharmaceuticals pumped into the population. Brains are gonna pop.
    Until money is removed from politics, it’s a waste of time to vote. Unless your vote has six zeros behind it. $V,000,000. I’m so sad to see all the sheeple wanting that corporate criminal Hellary. What?.. her failed State Department warmongering experience is suppose to have us trust her?
    She supported the company line sending more kids off to a corporate war.
    Yea, sure all volunteer Army? Because there are no jobs or free education, so they poor join the military. They’re too uneducated to know how to critically think about the choices they are making. They’re KIDS!!!
    Should be a 25 year old age limit, at least 21 like drinking. But giving 18 year olds automatic weapons and teaching them to kill women and babies is evil and bad politics.
    The lesser of two Evils is still evil and our gov. has progressively gotten more subversively evil. Power corrupts and now that USA has all the power they are corrupt absolutely.
    Why aren’t the wars in Africom not reported on the MSN shows ?
    Why aren’t the labor riots in the EU happening daily not being reported on on the MSN?
    Why? Trump is more entertaining.
    Here’s is the proof of what I say. The general population is brain dead.
    This is a choice? A spoiled fat cat and a lying enabler? There was/is? a third choice, yet the corrupt machine will steal it, just as Bush did in Fla.
    Politics, locally? Why?
    A traffic circle that’s,….
    a. too small for the intersection.
    b. poorly designed frontage roads.
    c. DANGEROUS egress for Hilo bound drivers coming out of the Malama market parking lot.
    d. And the entrance is now a one lane back door to the gas station??????

    The whole fact you have to drive over gas tanks to come and go to the shopping center is not smart in the least. But then what has been in Puna?
    The widening of Hwy 130 from Paradise to the dumps in 98-99′?
    Without merge lanes for Paradise, Makuu, Shower?

    Or maybe the Keaau bypass with a double right turn transition where it meets Hwy. 11? That was such bad forethought. Many accident happen at that light.

    Then we have the latest widening where millions were spent and they didn’t work in a right turn lane for the dumps for North bound traffic?? Really?
    Accidents waiting to happen.

    So now we have the circle of fools. Yesterday I drove through it on the way out of the intersection. Looking at the people sitting there waiting for one driver to exit the circle, like they think only one person can be on the round d’ round at a time. They don’t know how to merge so it backs up. Haven’t had the pleasure of trying to go through there during rush hours times.
    How is it? lol Backed up past the Fire Station going home?

    I told ya so.

  2. Rene Siracusa
    Rene Siracusa says:

    Here is an update on the forum for Prosecuting Attorney: There are now two candidates: Mitch Roth and Mike Kagami. Both have committed to participate in the forum on July 25th.


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