Puna News — 6th Annual Kipimana Cup For Kamehameha and Kea`au is Thursday

image(Media release) — The Kea`au Cougars will host the 6th Annual Kipimana Cup challenging the Kamehameha Warriors Thursday, this time with a new head coach who happens to be a former coach for Kamehameha.
“We are excited to host the Kipimana Cup at our campus this year,” said Iris McGuire, Kea`au High School’s athletic director. “We have a new coach and style of football at Kea`au High School,” she noted, referring to Aurellio Abellera, who was the defense coach for the Warriors before opting to lead the Cougars.
Hosted by W.H. Shipman, Limited, which calls Kea`au home, the Kipimana Cup is a goodwill football game between the public and private schools located within a few miles radius in Kea`au.
“Every year it is encouraging to see the attitude of friendship tied to this particular competition,” said Bill Walter, president of W.H. Shipman, Limited. “Team leadership has been effective in instilling what we all hoped that attitude would be: we can play hard, we can compete to win a game and we can compete here in Kea`au in a spirit of good will. Similarly, we encourage incoming businesses to recognize this as a special place to do business and to work together to create an environment where our customers want to come to do business.”
Dan Lyons, head football coach for the Kamehameha Schools Kea`au campus, noted the Kipimana Cup is a way of “creating a competition” among the two schools and their athletes, “but also an acknowledgement of sportsmanship” that exists between the two schools. “I just think it’s a really good thing for the community, building community togetherness with both of us being in Kea`au.” He noted that W.H. Shipman, Limited is rooted in the history of both schools, with the land originally owned by the family owned company. As for Kea`au’s new coach being one of his former staffers, Lyons thinks it’s “awesome.”
“’Leo’ is a really good guy and a really good catch,” Lyons said. Noting the Kea`au Cougars have already won a couple of games, he said Abellera will bring “structure, organization, character, and integrity” to the Kea`au team. “I mean, he’s a very good coach and great guy. It obviously leaves a void in our program, but it certainly helps Big Island football be better.”
“I coached with Dan for the last three years, and he helped me bring back the fun in coaching and football,” Abellera said. He has actually been a math teacher at Kea’au High School for the last 16 years, and this is his second time coaching there. “My dad got sick and footballl didn’t seem fun anymore,” he said.
It was Lyons and the Kamehameha Warriors that got him back into coaching. With Kamehameha on solid ground, and the Cougars in need of help, Abellera returned to Kea’au.
For the Kipimana Cup Thursday, Kamehameha will show up with four wins and one loss to Kealakehe, in their most recent game on Friday. Kea`au, meanwhile, will face off with the Kamehameha Warriors with two wins and one loss, having defeated the Honoka`a Dragons in their most recent game last week.
Thursday’s Kipimana Cup will be a league game for both teams. Kamehameha Schools and Kea`au High School didn’t always play against each other, being in different divisions — Kea`au being in Division 1 and Kamehameha being in Division 2. The Big Island Interscholastic Federation League ultimately changed that, but not before W.H. Shipman, Ltd. first pitched the annual Kipimana Cup six years ago.
W.H. Shipman, Limited provides $500 to each of the school’s booster clubs following the game, and a trophy to the winning team.
The Kamehameha Warriors have won all five of the previous Kipimana Cups, but that may be a different story this year with Abellera leading the Kea`au Cougars, Lyons acknowledged.
Kamehameha School’s Hawai‘i campus opened on former W.H. Shipman land in 2001 and has an enrollment of a little over 1,000 students, grades K-12, while Kea`au High School has an enrollment of 880 children, grades 9-12. The school first opened in 1998, also on Shipman property.
Kipimana is how Hawaiians historically referred to Shipman. W.H. Shipman, Limited staff came up with the idea for the Kipimana Cup six years ago.
Based in the Puna for the last 130 years, W.H. Shipman, Limited currently has 17,000 acres in and around Kea`au, and is active in agriculture and commercial/ industrial development and leasing. Shipman holds a long-range view toward sustainability and planned development for balanced community use.
Thursday’s Kipimana Cup will be held at Kea`au High School. Kickoff for the varsity game is expected to start around 7:30 p.m., a half hour after the 5 p.m. junior varsity game ends. Expect to pay a nominal admission.
Contact Walter at 966-9325 for more details.

Hawaii News — Human Remains Found; Police Seek Help Involving Jessica Urbina Disappearance

image(Media release) —Hawaii Island police are renewing their request for information about a Canadian woman who was reported missing in 2001.

Jessica Urbina from Montreal, Quebec, came to Hawaii on vacation in November 2000, when she was 21 years old. She was reported missing to the Honolulu Police Department in 2001. She was described as 5-foot-1, 100 pounds with long black hair, brown eyes and fair skin. She would now be 37.

Personal items belonging to Urbina were found near human remains discovered in Hawaiian Paradise Park on July 18 of this year. Police are awaiting DNA analysis on the remains and have not established whether there is any connection between the two cases.

Police ask anyone with any information about Urbina to call the Police Department’s non-emergency line at 935-3311 or contact Detective Sandor Finkey at 961-2384 or sandor.finkey@hawaiicounty.gov.

Tipsters who prefer to remain anonymous may call the islandwide Crime Stoppers number at 961-8300.

***Commentary*** A Notation On The Zendo Kern-Daniel Paleka Connection

In my inbox tonight I have a press release from a UH Hilo student with her own side story. The press release is a smear on incumbent Daniel Paleka, running against Jen Ruggles for the seat I sought in 2014. This was the seat that Zendo Kern held from 2012-2014. Once a supporter of Kern, even a cheerleader for him, I was disappointed with him being such a deadbeat. I spoke openly about him and his performance on social media and in Big Island Chronicle. I wanted better representation than I thought we were getting from him. I decided to run for office, at first thinking Kern would be seeking re-election and believing he should not try and serve again. Instead, he opted not to run and Paleka emerged as the key contender and claimed victory of the council District 5 seat.  Fast forward to present day, this press release claims Paleka is being fined by the Campaign Spending Commission for failing to disclose contributions made in 2014. Among them is a significant contribution from Kern, who you should know is the state’s main witness alleging I committed voter fraud in 2012, the year I served as Kern’s campaign manager. “Among the campaign contributions not reported until this year was a $2,000 donation from ‘Friends of Kendo [Zendo] Kern…'” the press release from Amber Shouse states. Amber has worked with Jen Ruggles on the University of Hawaii Hilo Student Association and has had her own ink regarding UHHSA. I have no opinion on any of those politics and I don’t have any dog in the Ruggles-Paleka fight. I’m actually trying not to pay attention this election cycle. But I will say this: thank you Amber for this enlightenment; I’m going to post it here, for the record, and as a piece of a grand story that I will not be able to help telling fully someday. I just won’t be able to keep it to myself anymore after everything unfolds in its entirety. For now, here is the press release in my inbox tonight:

For Immediate Release
August 10, 2016
Contact: Amber Shouse – 808 990-2218
Hawaii County Council member Danny Paleka fined by Campaign Spending Commission

On 8/10/16 Campaign Spending Commission Elections assistant Sandy Lee confirmed that a fine has been issued to Hawaii County Councilman Danny Paleka for campaign finance violations. The Campaign Spending Commission has yet to release other details. A review of Paleka’s campaign spending reports show several discrepancies amounting to tens of thousands of dollars. See reports here.
On August 2, 2014 a Hawaii Tribune Herald article by Nancy Cook Lauer mentioned campaign spending discrepancies by Paleka.

The CSC oversees Chapter 11 part VIII of the Hawaii Revised Statutes Campaign Spending Law. Reports show that Paleka may have violated one or more Hawaii Revised Statutes regarding campaign finance including:
§11-340 Failure to file report; filing a substantially defective or deficient report.
§11-331 Filing of reports, generally.
§11-337 Reporting expenditures.
§11-338 Late contributions; late expenditures; report.
§11-342 Fundraiser; notice of intent.

On 06/26/16 Danny Paleka amended 28 Campaign Spending Commission reports covering July 1st, 2014 – Nov. 04 2014. Some of these reports were previously amended in 2015 as well. The differences between the reports are stark. Differences between the councilman’s original reports and newly amended ones include:

? Failed to include $24,395.73 in expenditures on the original disclosures made for the 2012-14 election cycle.

? Failed to include at least $9,806.79 in campaign contributions on original reports made for that same cycle.

? Among the campaign contributions not reported until this year was a $2,000 donation from “Friends of Kendo [Zendo] Kern,” (name misspelled), former Hawaii County District 5 Council member. Other contributions larger than $1,000, including some from out of state donors, were also not reported until this year.

? Failed to file an Intent to Hold a Fundraiser as required by the CSC, for the 7/17/14 fundraiser held at Aunty Sally’s Luau House in Hilo. The fundraiser was mentioned on 2 occasions in the 2012-2014 2nd Preliminary Primary July 1-July 25, 2014 report.

? On 07/30/2014 Paleka recorded $2,699 in contributions from the 7/17/14 fundraiser. The reports from the 2012-14 election cycle, amended in June this year do not include that $2,699. A non-monetary contribution of $275 from Alakai Productions for “entertainment for fundraiser”, is among other contributions listed on the original reports from 2014 that are no longer listed on the newly amended reports.

For further details please contact the Campaign Spending Commission: (808) 586-0285
Amber Shouse: email- shouseamber@gmail.com Cell- (808) 990-2218

Hawaii News — Supreme Court Reverses Connections School Employee’s Ethics Code Violations

This morning, the Hawaii State Supreme Court issued its decision reversing the Hawaii State Ethics Commission’s finding that Eric Boyd, from Connections Charter School in Hilo, violated the State Code of Ethics for purchases made in 2007.  In 2010, the State Ethics Commission charged Eric Boyd with 26 counts of violating the State Ethics Code.  In 2012, the Ethics Commission amended the charge and reduced the charges to 20.   After a two-day hearing, the Ethics Commission found that Boyd violated the State Ethics Code and imposed the maximum fine of $10,000 and a recommended to the Governor that Boyd be terminated on Feb. 8, 2013.

Boyd appealed the Commission’s decision to the Third Circuit Court which reduced the number of violations to nine and imposed a fine of $4,500, which Boyd paid.  Both Boyd and Ethics Commission appealed to the Intermediate Court of Appeals.  On Aug. 19, 2015, the Intermediate Court of Appeals denied Boyd’s appeal and reinstated all charges and penalties.
After six years of defending himself, the Hawaii State Supreme agreed with Boyd and ordered the Commission to dismiss all charges against Boyd.  Boyd said that he is profoundly grateful the Supreme Court heard his case.  Boyd noted that although this case had a devastating effect on his personal and professional life, he had to prove to his children and family, that what he did and how he did it, was the proper way to do things.  “The lesson of my case is to fight for what you believe in and it is something I teach my kids everyday,”  Boyd said.  “I am also grateful that Ted Hong, my attorney, was always been at my side and believed in me.”
Hong noted that the Commission under the former leadership of Leslie Kondo and Maria Sullivan, should have listened to their argument about jurisdiction from the beginning “instead of ruining Eric’s life and dragging his name through the mud for the past six (6) years.”  Hong also noted that no state agency, including its officers and board members are above the law.  “We are humbly grateful that the  Supreme Court took a careful look at the arguments that we made.”

Hawaii News — Information Regarding The Kalapana Lava Flow


The active lava flow from Pu?u ???? is making its way over the Pulama Pali along the western boundary of the former Royal Gardens Subdivision. The lava flow does not pose a threat to any community.

To maintain public safety and to preserve the emergency road or Highway 130, the County of Hawai‘i will open the emergency road to lava viewing on June 30, 2016. Lava viewing along the three mile stretch of the County’s portion of the emergency road is permitted between the hours of 3 pm to 9 pm, daily. Vehicular traffic on the emergency road will be limited to local residents and emergency vehicles.

Security guards will be posted on the emergency road or Highway 130 before the entrance to Kalapana Gardens to provide lava viewing information and to direct parking. As in previous lava viewing events, visitors will be asked to park in marked areas near the end of the paved portion of Highway 130. Again, it is approximately three (3) miles from this parking area to the end of the County portion of the emergency road, and vehicular traffic on the emergency road will be limited to local residents and emergency vehicles.

Visitors are reminded that the emergency road is a gravel road that traverses over older lava flows and ends at the National Park Service boundary. Visitors are also reminded to prepare for the trek with proper footwear, sun screen, warm clothing, and water.

The County has established lava flow viewing areas along Highway 130 as far back as 2001 and most recently in P?hoa in 2014.

Our goal is to maintain public safety, protecting the interests of Kalapana residents, and the protection of the emergency road or Highway 130. We ask for your patience and kokua.

Celebrate Independence Day With A 5K Race Saluting Our Vets

A Salute to Our Veterans Hilo Bay 5K 6th annual race at 7:00 am kicks off the 4th of July festivities in Hilo at beautiful Lili?uokalani Park and Gardens. supports the Veterans of Foreign Wars Post 3830 in Pahoa
All Veterans, and especially those named by participants, will be honored. Come and participate to honor your special Veteran on this day as we celebrate
our country’s independence and the Veterans who fought for it. Registration forms and information are available at various businesses around the island or at http://www.asalutetoourveterans.org
For Further information contact: Mike or Pat Sauer 965-0565, cell: 936-7611, ohana@sauerfarm.us
This event
Hawaii Island’s needy Veterans and their families. Our goal is to increase the size of our
which presently reaches out to many of
facility and our programs to better serve these, their families and the many other Veterans
in our Big Island o’hana.

Puna News — Malama O Puna To Host Political Forums Throughout July


(Media release) — This election season Malama O Puna will once again host a series of candidate forums to assist the public in making informed choices.  All the candidates for a given race will be invited.  All questions will be worded in a neutral, non-leading form.  Candidates will rotate first through last in the answering sequence, so that no one has an unfair advantage.  Each candidate will give an introductory statement of three minutes.

Because Malama O Puna is an environmental nonprofit, its board will select the first three to five questions.  They will not be yes-no questions, but will require knowledge of the issue and allow the attendees to gain an insight into the thinking of the candidate.  The next phase of the program will open the floor to questions from the audience until 8 p.m., when the event ends.

The public is encouraged to attend all the forums.  Malama O Puna does, however, request that everyone arrive early so that the forum can move forward without any interruptions or disruptions.

Following is the candidate forum schedule:

Council Districts 4 & 5: Thursday, July 14

State House & Senate:     Monday,   July 18

Mayor, Hawai‘i County: Thursday, July 21

Prosecuting Attorney:     Monday,   July 25*

*only if race is contested

All forums will be held at the Pahoa Neighborhood Facility and will begin promptly at 5:30 p.m.

For more info: malamaopuna@yahoo.com.

Kona News — West Hawaii Dance Theatre proudly presents Snow White Ballet


An original production based on the beloved fairy tale at the Kahilu Theatre on Monday, May 30, 2016. Performance time is at 4:00pm.

“Snow White” is well known today thanks to the vision of Walt Disney ’s full length animated feature film which debuted in 1937.
However, the story of Little Snow White was originally published in 1812 by Jacob and Wilhelm Grimm as one of many stories contained in their book Children’s and Household Tales or what is today more commonly known as Grimm’s Fairy Tales.

Audience members will enjoy all the classic elements of this favorite make believe fairy tale; the story happens Once Upon A Time & Long Ago, is filled with magic, an Evil Stepmother, a Handsome Prince, really cute forest creatures, the comedic Dwarves and contains a Happily Ever After ending.

Over 50 West Hawaii Dance Academy students and Guest Dancers from the Maui Academy of Performing Arts bring the ballet to life.

Choreography is by West Hawaii Dance Theatre & Academy’s Founder and Artistic Director Virginia Holte, Assistant Director Midori Satoh, and Instructors Jenna Ojeda, Megan Joy Chapman & Juanita Finkenberg.

Academy pianist Megumi Kopp will accompany the dancers on piano to an engaging classical music compilation.


* Buy Tickets at >> http://kahilutheatre.org/Showinfo/Snow-White-Ballet
More information, contact West Hawaii Dance Theatre at Phone (808) 329 8876  www.whdt.org

West Hawaii Dance Theatre is a 501 (3) c Non-Profit Educational Arts Organization and is sponsored in part by the Hawaii State Foundation on Culture and the Arts, Hawaii Community Foundation, Atherton Family Foundation, Ironman Foundation, Hawaii Tug & Barge,  Macy’s, Ironman Foundation, and our local family and businesses.



imagePlease help me fight a bogus felony voter fraud charge brought on by a haters of my writings & politics. Make checks payable to my lawyer, Brian DeLima and mail to Crudele & DeLima at 101 Aupuni St., Ste. 133, Hilo, HI 96720. Or, donate through my Fundrazr account. My deepest gratitude goes to those of you who support me and can see through this charge. ALOHA




Local Politics — Wally Lau To Run For Mayor

image(Media release) — Hawaii County Managing Director Wally Lau today resigned his position and announced he is running for mayor of Hawaii County.

Lau has helped manage the daily operations of the Hawaii County administration for the past seven years, as deputy managing director and managing director. His next step forward in a career of caring for people and strengthening our island community is to become mayor and leader of our Hawaii Island. Read more

Hawaii News — Sen. Gilbert Kahele Is Dead At 73

gilbert kahele(Media release) — It is with heavy heart and great sadness that the Hawai‘i State Senate reports the passing of Senator Gilbert Kahele, Senator of the First Senatorial District.

Surrounded by his loving family, Sen. Gil Kahele passed peacefully at 7:55 a.m. surrounded by family at Queens Medical Center.

Senate President Ronald D. Kouchi issued the following statement on the passing of Sen. Kahele:

“The Hilo community and the State of Hawai‘i today has lost a great Senator, a gentleman, and passionate advocate who cared deeply about public service and the people he represented. I am honored to have served with him and I know his fellow colleagues in the Senate feel the same.

Senator Kahele’s family thanks the public for their words of support and aloha and respectfully asks for privacy at this difficult time.

Senator Kahele’s staff will be in the office to handle the concerns and issues of the district. His Tourism and International Affairs committee will be handled by the Vice Chair, Sen. J. Kalani English.

I send heartfelt condolences to the Kahele family as we mourn the loss of this remarkable man.”

Sen. Gil Kahele, 73, has served in the Senate since 2011, when he was appointed by Gov. Neil Abercrombie for the 2nd District, encompassing the communities of Hilo, Puna and Ka‘u on Hawai‘i Island. In 2012, he was elected to represent the community of Hilo, now known as the 1st Senatorial District as a result of reapportionment.

As a visionary and proponent for strengthening Hilo’s economy, Sen. Kahele sought ways to help create jobs and business in his district. Among his many accomplishments, Sen. Kahele was instrumental in bringing much needed funding to build the Daniel K. Inouye College of Pharmacy at the University of Hawai‘i at Hilo.  He also was a staunch supporter behind the creation a world-class School of Aviation at the underutilized Hilo Airport and the University of Hawai‘i at Hilo.

Services for Sen. Kahele are pending.

Senator Gilbert Kahele was born in the fishing village of Miloli‘i in South Kona before moving to Hilo on Hawai‘i Island. Following his graduation from Hilo High School in 1960, Senator Kahele served in the U.S. Marine Corp until 1964 and graduated from Laney College in Oakland, Calif. After a few years on the Island of O‘ahu, in 1976 he returned to his hometown in Hilo with his wife Linda to raise their family. He retired from the Hawai‘i State Department of Defense after 33 years as the Director of Public Works, Pohakuloa Training Area.