Administrative Notes — Big Island Chronicle To Print Publication In July

Big Island Chronicle will be going to print in July and, thanks to Island Naturals offering space for BIC in all its stores, will be available islandwide.  The premiere print edition will largely be comprised of a comprehensive voter’s guide, but will offer a sample of the edgy and provocative alternative publication for which BIC has become known.

Heartfelt thanks to all BIC readers, advertisers, and contributors who have remained loyal and supportive since the website launched in December 2008.  A celebration of the launch of the BIC print publication will be held at Akebono Theater on Saturday, July 28, following an all-day candidate forum.*

If you would like to advertise here on the website or pre-book an advertisement in the print publication, contact Leah Gouker, who is heading advertising sales and design.  She can be reached at (808) 747-5605 or via email at  The more advertising that is sold, the more pages that can be printed, the more articles that can be presented by talented writers throughout the island who intend to contribute.

(*BIC reserves the right to refuse entry to the candidate forum and launch party.)

Hawaii News — One Week Anniversary Of Senate Bill 1520’s Signing

Senate Bill 1520, which formally recognizes Native Hawaiian people as “the only indigenous, aboriginal, maoli people of Hawai‘i,” was signed by Governor Neil Abercrombie a week ago today.

“For Kanaka Maoli, this measure is one more important step in a very long and arduous journey toward justice,” said Sen. Malama Solomon, chief negotiator of the bill, the day of its signing. “Indeed, this journey has taken more than the span of a single life.  It has taken generations For all people of Hawai‘i, it marks a historic and positive step in the reconciliation process mending relations between the State of Hawai‘i mending relations between the State of Hawai‘i and the Native Hawaiian people.”

“This law affirms Native Hawaiians as the first nation of these islands and provides Hawaiians the opportunity to form a new nation within this State of Hawai‘i,” said Sen. Clayton Hee, author of the bill.

“The signing of this legislation will be remembered by future generations,” added Sen. Brickwood Galuteria, chairman of the Senate Committee on Hawaiian Affairs.  “This measure recognizes the first people of Hawai‘i while preserving the diversity that has made Hawai‘i home to us all.”

In addition to formal recognition by the State of Hawai‘i, the measure also requires the Governor to appoint a Native Hawaiian Roll Call Commission that will create and publish a list of people who are of Native Hawaiian descent.  Funding to facilitate the activities of the Native Hawaiian Roll Commission will be provided by the Office of Hawaiian Affairs.

For more information on Senate Bill 1520:

(Adapted press release from the Senate.)

Island Events — Celebrate Island Naturals’ Newly Expanded Parking Lot July 10

Image courtesy of Kai Sorte

(Disclosure:  Island Naturals is a sponsor of Big Island Chronicle.) Celebrate Island Naturals-Pahoa’s newly expanded parking lot with a three-band party from 11 a.m. to 2 p.m., Sunday, July 10.

Enjoy 15 percent off all purchases, being that it is the second Sunday of the month, see food and natural living demonstrations, win prizes and hear the music of three bands.  Among them are El Leo, The Jarican Express, which features Island Naturals owner Russell Ruderman and long-time employee Charles Bargas; Spirits In The Rock, featuring Pahoa baker Joy McCluer; and Ras & Queen Sparrow, featuring Island Naturals’ information technology staffer Eloy Carrero.

Don’t miss this three hours of fun.

Letters — White Cloud Nursery Sale Is This Week

(Disclosure: White Cloud Nursery is a sponsor of Big Island Chronicle.)

Aloha Friends,

Vireya Rhododendron Sale! White Cloud Nursery will be holding a sale Wednesday, June 29 to Saturday, July 2nd, open 9AM-2PM. We will be offering our 8″ azalea pots (almost 200 plants of a wide array of varieties) at half price — get an 8″ Vireya for the price of a $10 6″ Vireya as long as the supply lasts! Plants are 2-3 years of age, ready to plant and ready to bloom. Subject to availability and prior sale, our 6″ azalea pots will be discounted to $8. Other sizes will be available at their regular prices, including an array of landscape sized plants. See how different varieties grow in our display garden with hundreds of vireyas planted out. Payment via cash or check.

Sale will be held at the nursery in the Ka’ohe Homesteads outside of Pahoa. A catalog listing (PDF format) of the sale plants available in the 8″ size with pictures, a printable map and a Google map link are all on our website (shown below) or call for directions. Planting and cultivation articles are also available on the website.

Hope to see you!

Jane and Pete (Adams)

White Cloud Nursery
15-89 South Rd.
P.O. Box 1387
Pahoa, HI 96778
(808) 345-3345

American Rhododendron Society
Hawaii Chapter
Rhododendron Species Foundation

Advertisement — Big Island Chronicle Seeks Ad Representative

Big Island Chronicle is seeking a motivated, enthusiastic, creative, and aloha-filled advertising representative who is well versed in graphic arts and knows how to hustle.  Email resumes to newswoman(at) or mail them with a cover letter to Tiffany Edwards Communications, P.O. Box 557, Kurtistown, HI  96760.

Proud Parent — Regarding My Cloth-Diapering Adventure; Thank You, Moonsprout, For Sponsoring JJ

Moonsprout, Eco-Friendly baby store at 10 Lono St in Hilo. Call (808) 935-7523. Hours are Tue-Sat 10-3 Diaper Talks/consults by appointment

I want to express my heartfelt appreciation to my friend Geana Miura, of Moonsprout, an eco-friendly baby store, located at 10 Tyson Street in Hilo.  Geana gave my son, JJ, and me the gift of a half-dozen Fuzzi Bunz cloth diapers and other supplies necessary for us to transition from disposable diapers.  I want to be very open about the fact that she gave us this gift, because you are going to read me plugging Geana and her store adjacent to the Hilo Shopping Center, as my family’s embarks on our cloth diapering adventure.  I’ve known Geana for several years.  Many of you might have heard me interview her when I had my “Politics Aside” show on KHBC radio in 2006.  I admire Geana’s authenticity and unwavering commitment to cloth diapering.  I resisted Geana’s urges to put my daughter in cloth diapers three years ago, reasoning it would be too inconvenient with the laundry situation on our water catchment system.  But going through all the disposable diapers that we did in the two years that it took to potty-train my daughter really made me feel like such a neanderthal.  I want to do things differently with JJ.

You should know that my husband isn’t really into the idea.  In the 48 hours since I have taken this leap in environmentalism, my husband has protested and, the one time he has changed our son’s diaper during this period, put on a disposable diaper.  That’s okay. I’m really trying not to be too controlling, cognizant of the fact that we live in a Fabian society. People are naturally resist to change.  Time will tell if my husband will come around to my point of view.  I’ll be providing you with frequent updates on how the cloth diapers are working out. Geana knows that her gift — what we call JJ’s first sponsorship — doesn’t mean I’m going to be spinning anything. Count on me to share with you my honest impressions, the pros and the cons. I hope it all works out, because I really have come to believe that cloth diapering is the right thing to do.

Advertisement — Emergencies Put A Crimp On Finances, But A Payday Advance Offers Relief

Image courtesy of Budgets Are Sexy

(Advertising) — Regardless of whether you are traveler or permanent resident, people in Hawai’i know that an emergency can arise at any moment. Once you get past the immediate problem caused by the emergency (get medical treatment, fix a disabled car, maybe even take care of an ailing, beloved pet), there is often a financial problem to be managed.

You are given a little more time to take care of the bill that follows. But for most household budgets, there isnÂ’t a lot of wiggle room in that time. You might have to pay that doctorÂ’s bill in a month, or buy medications for you or your pet with cash on the spot. Or, if itÂ’s a car repair, you have to pony up the cash on the spot before the mechanic releases the vehicle (in most situations). Meanwhile, there is rent or a mortgage to pay, groceries to buy, utilities to keep in service and insurance payments to make.

To cover those obligations, what are your options?

  • Borrow from family or friends – This is the tried and true source of a quick cash advance, but be clear on the repayment terms: How much is interest (if any), and what is the payback schedule. Then stick to it – you donÂ’t want to mess up a relationship over misunderstandings about money.
  • Offer up car title or home equity – Car title loans are not allowed in HawaiÂ’iÂ…but are allowable on the mainland, including California, Arizona and Nevada. Home equity loans are available everywhere. And if you default on any of these, you risk losing your home and your car.
  • Payday loan If you have a job, you can get a payday advance loan, effectively bringing future cash into your banking account by the next morning. This is a short-term loan that needs to be repaid in about 30 days or less.

How you manage cash shortfalls are of course entirely up to you. But doing so with a sense of the available options should help you move forward with the confidence that you are making the best of a less-than-optimal situation.

Trading Post — Seeking A Desk Chair In Puna

(Editor’s Note: The following letter submitted to Big Island Chronicle (BIC) is being published to initialize a new category entitled, “Trading Post.” BIC wishes to promote reuse, recycling, and landfill diversion by publicizing noteworthy items for sale or sought to buy or trade. Email newswoman(at) your items needed or wanted or intended to sell or trade. In the case of the latter, attach photos with your email.)

Aloha Ohana,

If anyone happens to have an office chair that rolls and can move up and down, and is not using it, I would gratefully be happy to give it it’s full expression of purpose for up to the next 3 mos, feeling certain an equitable exchange would transpire.


Deborah Davis

Pahoa, Hawai’i


Business — Patronize Big Island Chronicle Sponsors

I would like to remind folks that this blog is sustainable with donations and advertising support.  I would like to call your attention to the right-hand column in which all the sponsors are listed. Let me tell you about those located on island who sponsor this blog.

Island Naturals, which is located in Hilo, Pahoa and Kona, was one of the very first sponsors of this blog and I consider it to be an honorary sponsor.  Directly below Island Naturals is the Kea’au Urgent Care.  As you know, we have a critical shortage of health care providers on this island and in the state. Having urgent care clinics such as the one in Kea’au and the Puna Community Health Center in Pahoa (scroll further down the sponsor page), go a long way in addressing people’s health care needs, particularly in these rural areas that are so far away from the hospital.

Kapoho Kine Adventures and Zipline Through Paradise are also sponsors of this blog and, let me just say, I will be going on a zipline adventure the moment I’m not pregnant.  I actually strongly recommend that people try one of Kapoho Kine’s excursions.  I think it would actually be a great team-building exercise for a County or State department or a private business looking to do some professional development.  It would also be a great gift for someone, giving them a ziplining adventure!

Yurts of Hawaii — I personally would love to live in a yurt. Maybe someday I will. I think yurts are great affordable housing alternatives and they really work well for our Hawaiian lifestyle.  Melissa Fletcher, the proprietor of Yurts of Hawaii, is so admirable to me as a businesswoman.  She has really worked so hard for her business to prosper, and I really appreciate her support.  Yurts of Hawaii is right up there with Island Naturals, as far as sponsors go — Melissa has been supporting this blog, just as long as it has been up and running.

MUM Clinic run by Dr. Charlie Webb and his wife, Sandy, is your source for addressing your health care needs with medical marijuana.   Read more

Advertisement — Don’t Miss Jeff Hunt Surfboards’ Black Friday Sale

Miki Warren photos

Jeff Hunt Surfboards, located at 15-2883 Pahoa Village Road, will have a Black Friday Blowout Sale on Friday, Nov. 26, 2010. As Puna’s one and only surf shop, Jeff Hunt Surfboards is thought to be the general store for outdoor enthusiasts in the area. Jeff has been hand-shaping custom surfboards in Puna for over 20 years. Order a custom board or check out the many used surfboards on consignment. Rent a surfboard, SUP, bodyboard, snorkels and fins. Jeff Hunt Surfboards carries Mike Stewart bodyboards and name-brand  bikinis, board shorts, t-shirts, hoodies, hats, slippers and more. Support the local economy by supporting small businesses such as this one, which is among the many sponsors of this blog.  Check out Jeff Hunt Surfboards’ profile on Yelp.