Astrological Forecast — Mid-Summer 2012

By Norma Jean Ream

The themes of this summer will be building to extremes. This is only the beginning. When sudden changes occur, there has generally been something working for a long time that allows the change to come about. Recently, an old tree suddenly fell down, narrowly missing my house and out-building. The impact of the 90 foot tall Ohia tree was violent, intense, and quite sudden. I knew something fell from the sky and I was shocked. The tree was covered heavily with a very large-leafed vine that had obviously sucked the life out of the tree. It had been raining heavily for days before, so there was a long term process that finally uprooted the old tree. This is symbolic of the changes coming this summer.

The process of big social, cultural, and economic changes has been working overtime in recent months and we are about to experience some dramatic events. At this change of season, the potency is in collective, global awareness. There is the fuel of passions that comes with election year speaking opportunities that will provide a forum for ideas. Summertime gatherings will have a feel of the 1960’s, where energies converge to allow new ways of dealing with life and the shared struggle of hardships and challenges. Expect the emergence of something new.

Historically, when the two slow-moving bodies that are the current focus of attention have been interacting in powerful angles to each other, the world has witnessed revolutions, and dramatic new developments that change everything. While, war and power struggles tend to top the list of related events, there are also ground-breaking developments that bring about new things, like social changes, new technologies, and expanded connectivity of various types.

While we watch the world rapidly changing, and we stay informed through today’s advanced technologies, we are also experiencing the energy in personal ways. The tensions building now are likely to promote important personal decisions about life changing direction. Read more

Astrological Forecast — 2010: Tighter Controls, Increased ‘Security,’ And More Reasons To Be Detained

(Editor’s Note: Norma Jean Ream is a 30-year astrologer who resides in Puna. For more information about Ream or her astrological work, visit

By Norma Jean Ream

My December article on my blog, Sirius Star Talk, addressed the issue that even though the White House is talking about creating jobs, there is not going to be a surge of people returning to the regular workforce any time soon.

In an article titled “Brace for a Jobless Decade”, appearing December 28 on Mary Bottari, Director of Center for Media and Democracy, wrote:

“While the stimulus package passed by Congress was big and slowed the pace of job loss, the problem was even bigger. The Economic Policy Institute estimates that the Obama stimulus bill has created or saved between 170,000 and 235,000 jobs per month starting in the second quarter of 2009. Yet, Princeton economist Paul Krugman says that the country would have to produce an additional 300,000 jobs per month for five years to achieve full employment.

Unfortunately, the economy is weak and far from producing such spectacular numbers.  Economist David Levy, says the country faces a new era of chronically high unemployment, averaging 8 percent or more over the next decade. He calls it the “New Abnormal.”

The astrological factors we face going into the next decade are the dynamic phases of several long cycles that historically show theses periods to be about great social and civil changes. Read more

Hilo News — First Sleepover At ‘Imiloa is Oct. 8-9

Image courtesy of HubbleSite

Image courtesy of HubbleSite

(Media release) — ‘Imiloa’s first overnight event, “Take Me to the Moon,” is set for  6:30 p.m., Thursday, Oct. 8, 2009 to 9 a.m., Friday, Oct. 9, 2009. Spend the night exploring the wondrous exhibit hall, watching a spectacular 3D planetarium show and tour of the Solar System, listening to presentations about the LCROSS mission by NASA experts, and enjoying an array of activities. Just bring your sleeping bag and toothbrush. The cost is $40 for adults, $35 for children. Children must be 11 years or older, and must be accompanied by an adult. Advance registration and payment is required. Please call (808) 969-9720, email  or visit

Astrological Forecast — Reinvent After Revisiting That Push-Pull Situation Still Lingering From Last Year

 (Editor’s Note: Following is the initiation of the category, “Astrological Forecast,” and the first of what is to be a regular astrology column here by Norma Jean Ream, a 30-year astrologer who resides in Puna. For more information about Ream or her astrological work, visit or click on her business card that is to be featured under Sponsor Links.)

Norma Jean Ream

Norma Jean Ream

By Norma Jean Ream

Periodically, we have time for review established in the natural flow of life. Sometimes we arrive into these phases with strong intention that we are moving ahead on projects when suddenly we are forced to stop and clean up old business. 

Let me use the decision-making struggle represented by Congress as an example of current energy playing out. Just as they return from their summer recess, Mercury, planet of ideas, communication, and commerce, has turned in its tracks for a three-week review period. This retrograde period over-laps with the Mercury retrograde period of September-October 2008. That means there will be a need to go back to last year’s problems.

 If you remember, this is the time that the banks began to fail and Congress rushed to create the first “bail out” bill. From that point on through 2009, everything has hinged on those decisions. We can mostly agree that there have been some poor choices made by our legislators this year. Read more