Chic Eco — Hawaii Recycling Glitch

RecycleLogoby Delia Montgomery

I’m sooo into recycling — especially with bottles! So much that I often share artistic creations.

My bottle-writing purpose is to encourage others to do the same. And because of my bottle-art passion, I pay attention to how our municipal public works recycles. Not just bottles, but all recyclables.

This story is actually a query derived from my attempt to redeem beer bottles and old cans mid July. Soon after, I saw the Hawaii Tribune Herald headlines dated July 23rd. The featured front-page headline was Big Island Recycling Proceeds Trimmed.

My bottle collection story began 2009. Not ready to build artsy walls or sculptures admired, I decided to simply place beer bottles upside down around my trees as a border. I preferred green and brown glass, and liked the way the labels would wear off so the colors would shine. Being mostly banana trees, moving them around was necessary. Sometimes I would end up with extra bottles and occasionally redeem them for pocket money. By 2011 my bottle stash was mounting and so I visited the Pahoa recycling center more frequently. No problem cashing in a mix of new and old bottles with worn labels. I did this until mid July 2013. Read more

Chic Eco — Ever Heard of a Seed Bomb?

Seed Bomb Bag

By Delia Montgomery

You may be familiar with seeded cards, invitations, table favors, and even seeded hang tags that ethical designers adorn their fashions with. But what about seed bombs?

Seed bombs are “it” for so many good reasons. And with wedding season approaching, these natural gems are on my mind as guest favors. Here’s the scoop …

Typical ingredients are a mixture of non-invasive, all-region suitable wild flower seeds, organic compost and powdered clay. The compost and clay hold moisture and nutrients to help germination. That protects the seeds from wildlife eaters too.

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Chic Eco — Fabric Made from Coffee?

Do you know that coffee fabric is made in Taiwan? Yep, SINGTEX® is an admirable company fixated on R&D. They came up with S.Café®  — a patented process that converts the coffee grounds into yarn. From yarn, they manufacture knitted and woven fabrics, as well as soft-shell fabrics.

Singtex clients are Hugo BossPatagoniaNike, and North Face brands. Benefits are fast drying, anti-odor properties, and UV-protection.

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Chic Eco — Silk Farming in Hawaii?

by Delia Montgomery

First fascinated by the naturally-dyed hemp and silk yarns from Cheryl Kolander of Aurora Silk  in Oregon during the late 90’s, the door opened to many learning aspects of sustainable fashion and design. What impressed me most about Cheryl was her eagerness to teach and consult.

One of Cheryl’s favorite natural fibers is silk. She knows how to raise silkworms and she shares her cocoon processing knowledge online. One quickly learns that an essential requirement is access to mulberry leaves. To encourage mulberry owners to raise silkworms, Cheryl supplies eggs. She also offers her book titled A Silk Workers Notebook.

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Chic Eco — Politics + GMO Labeling: Mahalo Hawaii Senators

by Delia Montgomery

The U.S. Senate site displays votes on June 21st about genetically engineered ingredient labeling.

Sanders Amendment No. 2310 was rejected due to 73 NAYs and 26 YEAs. The purpose was to permit States to require that any food, beverage, or other edible product offered for sale have a label on indicating that the food, beverage, or other edible product contains a genetically engineered ingredient.

I suggest Hawaiian farmers and residents take a moment to thank Senators Daniel Akaka and Daniel Ken Inouye for food labeling support. Their conscious ethical votes are especially appreciated by Millions Against Monsanto.


Hawaii’s GMO Truth-in-Labeling Bill

Monsanto Insanity Update

Monsanto-Funded Senator Daniel Ken Inouye

Amongst other things, blog contributor Delia Montgomery, d/b/a Chi­c Eco, is an agent for environmental designers and artists. She holds a burning desire to witness local resources be utilized on-island for production of goods in sustainable manners.

Chíc Eco — Take the Pahoa Plan Survey!

by Delia Montgomery

Puna folks have a wonderful opportunity to participate in the development of Pahoa.

If you haven’t done so already, please take that online survey!

Click here and go to TAKE THE ONLINE SURVEY HERE. If there is any reason you need to print the survey, there’s that option too.

Why does this environmentalist encourage your input?

Because this is the initial process to get creative with pride, and we have a deadline: April 30th. Also, because I have faith that Puna residents care and can prevent community development mistakes I witness frequently.

I intend to share photographs and details this year from past developments that we don’t want repeated, as well as examples of what is working, ― primarily on the mainland.

Puna residents are blessed with little existing in Pahoa Town so that growth may come with sustainability foremost in mind. There’s much history to learn from.

In summary, let’s design for people over motor vehicles!


Sustainable Hero Majora Carter 2010 + Beyond

Bicycles in Communities

Cycling Advocates Convene for National Bike Summit in Washington, DC


Chi­c Eco — Beloved Bamboo Fabric Gets a Bad Rap

by Delia Montgomery

It was about six years ago green-movement “insiders” were talking about the upcoming bamboo fabric crash. Bamboo clothing was the rage at the time, so every eco-fabric industry leader wanted to ride the wave as long as possible.

Once word got to customers two years later, they fiercely resisted. Typical reactions were “I love my bamboo, you can’t take it away from me! —  along with expressions of disbelief. Read more

Chic Eco — FarmRoof on Oahu = Urban Ag Test for Hawaii


by Delia Montgomery

Alan Joaquin founded FarmRoof, a privately held Hawaii Corporation, in 2008. His innovative company is based in Waimanalo, Oahu. Alan’s credentials include more than twenty years of experience in agriculture, engineering, environmental protection, and landscape construction.

The company’s primary focus is providing the world’s best rooftop environment for growing culinary herbs, gourmet greens, and heirloom vegetables. Through proprietary technology, the company may change our local food system and urban landscape. Although FarmRoof is gaining notoriety from eastern USA to Vancouver, Canada,  Alan claims their roots are in the Hawaiian islands.

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Chíc Eco — Building Code Challenges



by Delia Montgomery

Dovetail Partners, Inc. recently published a report titled Building Codes: Barriers to Green Innovation. I am confident that those concerned with the governmental nonsense we tolerate will find it a worthy read. My chosen intro excerpt follows:

Building codes ensure the health, safety and welfare of building users and the public. Unfortunately, many of today’s codes are prescriptive and based on traditional industry standards, thereby precluding innovative approaches to environmentally responsible design.

Dovetail Partners’ mission is to provide authoritative information about the impacts and trade-offs of environmental decisions, including consumption choices, land use, and policy alternatives. See where Hawaii ranks with the challenges presently faced.


Published on BIC through 2011 August

Amongst other things, blog contributor Delia Montgomery, d/b/a Chíc Eco, is an agent for environmental designers and artists. She holds a burning desire to witness local resources be utilized on island for production of goods in sustainable manners.

Chi­c Eco — Banana Fiber Production

by Delia Montgomery

As a natural fiber enthusiast, I am noticing an increase in banana fiber production. Love the recent hessnatur advertisements and education of New SADLE, a nonprofit organization in Nepal that is responsible for weaving the banana silk scarves they offer.

Hawaiians are very creative with what they make from banana leaves. Yet fiber production is dormant on the Pacific islands. Wonder if that could change?

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Chíc Eco — Legislation Action List Pending GMO Labeling Laws

 by Delia Montgomery

You can support current pending state laws to label genetically engineered foods. See a list of Hawaii legislation supported by the Organic Consumers Association below. Scroll down the OCA page to Hawaii for an active link to each item.

SB 1099 – Taro Security
SB 713 – Genetically Engineered Crops; Required Labeling
SB 712 – Department of Agriculture; Notification; Genetically Engineered Plants
SB 711 – Genetically Engineered Fish; Labeling
HB 1534 – H.B. No. 1534 – Hawaii’s GMO Truth-in-Labeling Bill
HB 591 – Taro Security
HB 434 – Genetically-Engineered Food; Labeling
HB 216 – Food Labeling; Genetically Engineered Material

OCA provides a list of key bills in congress as well.


Water and Politics

Amongst other things, blog contributor Delia Montgomery, d/b/a Chíc Eco, is an agent for environmental designers and artists. She holds a burning desire to witness organic agriculture and sustainable manufacturing on Hawaiian islands.


Chíc Eco — Designer Tools + Studies

by Delia Montgomery

My drive to help aspiring designers who live in Hawaii is the basis for this post. We know most residents on Big Island go through an ordeal for proper services to birth a child. Apparently, it’s no easier for a student to find teachers to support their choice of artistic passion.

Of course it would be grand if students could be where the teachers are, but most don’t have the choice. My recommendations do require a computer with online access, so be prepared.
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Chíc Eco — Carrie Jekogian, Eco-luxury Infant Clothes Competition Winner Lost

Eco-luxury Infant Clothes Design Winnerby Delia Montgomery

The competition winner of Chic Eco’s 2009 Best Eco-luxury Infant Clothes Designer poll was Carrie Jekogian for LolaBabiez Organics. The announcement was written on FeelGoodStyle by Important Media Network.

I’m so sad to report that Carrie’s site has been down for a year and the phone number was disconnected. No clues as to what happened, but I hope you read about her and praises from her clients. (Because FGS was formerly run by Green Options Media, the comments were lost in conversion). Let’s hope she simply had to break from being a working teacher super-mom while running a business!

Our rapid global changes are effecting everyone as each individual seeks a balance between work and spirit. Hence, I can’t bring you an update about designer Carrie, but am compelled to help aspiring designers who live in Hawaii. For such individuals, I have some designer tools to share in my next post.

Chíc Eco — Best Eco-luxury Infant Clothes Designer Competition: Jennifer Murphy for Chapter One Organics
Chíc Eco — Best Eco-luxury Infant Clothes Designer Competition: Rachel Hart for Miss Sugar Pops
Chíc Eco — Best Eco-luxury Infant Clothes Designer Competition
Chíc Eco — Best Eco-luxury Infant Clothes Designer Competition: A Look at Sckoon Organics
Ever Gotten Organic Cotton?

Amongst other things, blog contributor Delia Montgomery, d/b/a Chíc Eco, is an agent for environmental designers and artists. She holds a burning desire to witness organic cotton, and other sustainable resources, to be farmed on Hawaiian islands. Please contact Delia if you wish to be known as a local-eco farmer or designer-crafts person.

Chíc Eco — Water and Politics

By Delia Montgomery

This morning I received a digital letter from our 2nd District Hawai’i Congresswoman Mazie K. Hirono. The letterhead is from the Congress of the United States House of Representatives in DC.

The purpose of sharing is in regard to the House Bill HR 872 and mangrove eradication with poisons encouraged by Monsanto in Hawai’i. There were a lot of comments on BIC and Congresswoman Hirono did vote against the legislation. Accordingly, I think BIC readers may be interested, so here goes … Read more