Dispatches From Curt — Ode To Dominic Yagong, Etc.

Dominic Yagong

By Curtis Narimatsu

Dom Yagong (born 1959) was star quarterback at Honoka’a High, and as is typical of the field general, is decisive and bold a la Gen. Patton.   Dom served as our County Council member from Hamakua (1996-2002), at which time he recused himself for business career reasons, not to do with political projections.   Dom ran for mayor vs. Harry Kim in 2004 because of Harry’s bloated work force & ball-bursting budget,  both of which  portended fiscal bankruptcy.    Dom confesses to throwing Dom’s hat into the ring w/only 8 weeks to go, such a late start, but Dom correctly knows that Harry Kim needed to be set straight, which Harry did not do till Harry’s end.   Dom became our Hamakua Council member again in 2006, and deferred to Angel Pilago for mayor because of Dom’s business career decision — Dom has a burgeoning family which correctly require his heart & soul.    Dom was our great Finance chair until Dom got double-crossed by inept renegades who propped nin-kom-poop Fresh Onishi to be Finance chair.    Paradox is that by Dom getting liquidated by our so-called bumbling cabal [incl. Onishi/Enriques],

Dom’s greatest feat manifested as Dom our amazingly resilient progressive reformer [fiscal conservative/social liberal].   These past 2 years have demonstrated Dom as the greatest lawmaker in the 105-year history of Hawai’i County government.  No kidding. Read more

Dispatches From Curt — Kenoi Versus The Hawaii County Council

By Curtis Narimatsu

With Smart on board, Yagong/Pilago/Ford groom a magnificent prodigy.   If Blas stays true to his left-leaning constituents, Yagong will lead Blas/Hoffmann & gang as the new Council majority override vs. Kenoi’s Hilo buddahead trio of Yoshimoto/Ikeda/Onishi.    Of course, Yagong’s majority per se, even without Blas, will engage in public good as progressive reformers.   Yagong was Quixote in 2004 vs. Mayor Kim, feeling that diehard Democrats would support him.   Yagong got an eye-opener, as all Democrats scrambled toward the hills & away from Yagong.    Shows you how two-faced our Democrats really are.    Even in Honoka’a, Yagong got double-crossed/swiped clean by our so-called diehard Democrats. Read more

Dispatches From Curt — An Analysis Of Local Politics

Incredulous identical percentage margins

By Curtis Narimatsu

I dedicate this to Hugh Clark, who has raised the issue of Boehner’s legacy [destruction of our middle  class]  — Stateside — independents went GOP instead of Democrat, 58% to 42%.    What accounts for our opposite result here, w/Abercrombie clobbering Aiona via the unexpected independent push toward Abercrombie?    Independent plunkers for Abercrombie numbered 78,000, vs. 56,000 for Aiona, or a 58% to 42% advantage, incredulously mirrored in the final vote tally of 222,000 Abercrombie over 157,000 Aiona, or identically 58% to 42%.    Diametrically/identically opposite of the Mainland.    Incredible.

Bradley factor — Aiona as Hawaiian golden boy

It’s politically incorrect to dismiss a handsome Hawaiian golden boy like Duke Aiona. So Abercrombie’s stunning smoker over Aiona might have been concluded by opinion poll interviewees who were too ashamed to state their preference for Abercrombie.   I raised early on the issue of the Bradley/shy Tory factor for both Mufi/Aiona.  I said in a comment posted Oct. 13:

Could it be that our kid-gloving the handsome Haw’n Aiona, the 1st Haw’n to move up to Governor since playboy Waihe’e 2 decades ago, constrains citizens to be ethnically/politically correct, especially because this year marks the 110th so-called shameful ignominy of our captured “Hawaiian Kingdom,” [Sempai Kondo, this actual false label is for you icon_wink.gif ] via the Organic Act [Territory status 1900]?? Remember the Bradley factor?


Kid-gloving racially was named after Los Angeles Mayor Tom Bradley, an African-American who lost the 1982 California governor’s race despite being ahead in voter polls going into the elections.

The Bradley effect shows that the inaccurate polls were skewed by the phenomenon of social desirability bias. Specifically, some white voters give inaccurate polling responses for fear that, by stating their true preference, they will open themselves to criticism of racial motivation. Members of the public may feel under pressure to provide an answer that is deemed to be more publicly acceptable, or ‘politically correct.’ Similar effects have been posited in other contexts, notably the Shy Tory Factor and spiral of silence. Perceived societal pressures have led some white voters to be less than forthcoming in their poll responses. These voters supposedly have harbored a concern that declaring their support for a white candidate over a non-white candidate will create a perception that the voter is racially prejudiced.

(Curtis Narimatsu is a lifelong resident of Hilo who writes about the forgotten past such as the old plantation days & untold heroes.)

Dispatches From Curt — Ki And Other Tidbits

By Curtis Narimatsu

Eastern/Asian Ki, where eternal truths originate & permeate thru our senses [2″ below the navel], parallel Grecian morality plays/hamartia, seen as an error in judgment or unwitting mistake as applied to the actions of the tragic failed hero. For example, the hero might attempt to achieve a certain objective X; by making an error in judgment, however, the hero instead achieves the opposite of X, with disastrous consequences.

Frankl identified anticipatory anxiety, a fear of a given outcome which makes that outcome more likely. To relieve the anticipatory anxiety and treat the resulting neuroses, logotherapy [logo is Grecian meaning] offers paradoxical intention, wherein the patient intends to do the opposite of his hyper-intended goal.

So that President Obama needs to heed his inner voice, not his intellectual entropy, & get our troops out of Afghanistan instead of achieving endless war via troop surges, which are the opposite of his objective of withdrawal from Afghanistan, resulting in disastrous consequences. Read more

Letters — A Public Apology From Curtis Narimatsu

(Editor’s note: Curtis Narimatsu has had a two-week suspension, or timeout, from Big Island Chronicle as a result of insulting and generally offensive comments posted here.  Following is his public apology that is required to comment and contribute to this blog again.)

I apologize to Tiff, Russell, Greg, Tom, Peter, Dave, and Damon for my offensive comments about JAP references. Thank you.


Dispatches From Curt — Political Projections

 Billy Kenoi

 Neil Abercrombie

James "Duke" Aiona

By Curtis Narimatsu

Abercrombie probably will beat Aiona because of Aiona’s right-wing religious pronouncements.   Aiona clueless as a politician.     Lingle was centrist when she beat Hirono in 2002, the perfect storm against the dynastic Democrat ill-boded all-J_p team of Mazie/Matt Matsunaga.    A political party convention  a la U.S. Presidential race solves the disconnect between the party duo.

Aiona won’t have the luck of Lingle’s draw this time around, despite the  all-leftist haole duo of Neil/Schatz,  because of Aiona’s right-wing image.

The hotel room tax is overblown — $18 million shortfall or 5.8% of our Hawai’i County general fund revenue, & not even a part of our special fund.    Our self-serving non-Hawai’i Island Democrat legislature could keep the hotel room tax, & Gov. Lingle would go along with our  legislature, but our mayors converged behind Mufi to stop the insanity.    Had our legislature kept the hotel room tax, word would trickle down to constituents, and our legislators [Hawai’i island solons sided with the Counties] would get backfire upon re-election, however small a % is the hotel room tax revenue of our County general fund.   As you know, our County floated bonds for capital projects,  being that our budget by law  has to be balanced.   Bill Takaba is an excellent budgeter, like Yamashiro’s Harry Takahashi was [Yamashiro was our greatest fiscal mayor (1992-2000),  Bill is Harry’s positive clone]. Read more

Dispatches From Curt — Tiniest Grain Of Sand From A Mighty Sea — Gen. John D. Lavelle Is Vindicated Posthumously

By Curtis Narimatsu

Henry Shimabukuro (born 1931) is the first Uchinanchu/Okinawan to ascend up the U.S. Air Force chain of command.   Henry’s biggest hero, Gen. John D. Lavelle (1916-1979), just got vindicated posthumously in one of the most vexing dilemmas in military & political history — civilian authority vs. military command structure.   An amazing true story.   No one outside of tiny Pi’ihonua plantation camp ever heard of diminutive Henry.   This teeny weeny Uchinanchu is a grain of sand from a mighty sea [Freedom’s Cause].    I dedicate freedom’s cause to our Vietnam War combat veterans. Their prodigal abandon speaks to a core component of human nature not seen in these times — our soldiers never fell short of courage and compassion, and we recognize our greatest generation of unsung and untold Vietnam War soldiers. Read more

Dispatches From Curt — Female Leaders In Judiciary And Anticipated Post Scripts

Hawaii Chief Justice nominee Katherine Leonard (L) and Gov. Linda Lingle.Â

By Curtis Narimatsu

Katherine Leonard will be the first female chief justice of the Hawai’i Supreme Court and the first to ascend to such position from UH Law School.   A centrist like Gov. Lingle, Katherine will steer clear of controversy.   Just the same, California will see the nation’s first Filipina/female chief justice, Tani Cantil-Sakauye, whose father toiled in the canefields of Hawai’i.  (See San Jose Mercury News report here.)

California Chief Justice nominee Tani Cantil-Sakauye

According to the news report, Cantil-Sakauye would also become the youngest member of the current court at the age of 50. She also may be the court’s first trained blackjack dealer, having worked such a job to pay for law school years back.

Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger chose Cantil-Sakauye to succeed Chief Justice Ronald George, who is ending his 14-year-career as California’s chief justice.  Cantil-Sakauye, a judge for 20 years, is a Sacramento appeals court justice.

(Curtis Narimatsu is a lifelong resident of Hilo who writes about the forgotten past such as the old plantation days & untold heroes.)

Dispatches From Curt — Airlines History And Anticipated Post Scripts

Image courtesy of Plan59.com

By Curtis Narimatsu

Do you know that Kukuihaele native Ruddy Tongg started rival Aloha Airlines because Hawaiian Air refused passenger travel to non-Whites/non-Hawaiian ethnics? Irony is that Haw’n Air founder Stan Kennedy Sr. (1890-1968) was the son of James Kennedy, founder of Inter-Island Steam Navigation Co., James the baby brother of our greatest racial inclusionist/altruist/benefactor, the incomparable CC Kennedy of Scot roots & godfather of our Waiakea Sugar Mill Co., where is today’s Island Chevrolet site at corner of Kekuanaoa/Kilauea Ave.

(Curtis Narimatsu is a lifelong resident of Hilo who writes about the forgotten past such as the old plantation days & untold heroes.)

Dispatches From Curt — Regarding The History Of Pahoa Cash And Carry

Tiffany Edwards Hunt photo. All rights reserved. Use with permission only.

By Curtis Narimatsu

Genesis Tetsu Hara had his Kapoho store w/his wife Yutayo. He figured that by relocating to the south side of Pahoa road he could get customers going to Kalapana/Opihikao/Kapoho. So he bought the lot that has his Pahoa Cash and Carry & built his 2 story bldg. in 1938 & named it Pahoa Cash & Carry. But oldtime Pahoa folks know it as Hara store, as it was in Kapoho. It still is owned by Grace Hara Kawamoto & her husband Charles. James Hara owns J. Hara Kurtistown store. Judge Glenn Hara is developer Stan Hara’s son. Stan born 1923 is a Kalihi boy & not related to the Pahoa Haras.

(Curtis Narimatsu is a lifelong resident of Hilo who writes about the forgotten past such as the old plantation days & untold heroes.)

Dispatches From Curt — William S. Richardson (1919-2010) And Insubordinate Gen. McChrystal

By Curtis Narimatsu

William Richardson photo courtesy of Hawaii State Archives

William S. Richardson (1919-2010)

[Chief Justice Hawai’i Supreme Court 1966-1982]

Had Jack Burns beaten Quinn for governor 1959, Burns would’ve appointed dearest friend Mas Marumoto [GOP Marumoto was GOP Joe Farrington trinity kitchen cabinet member w/Hung Wai Ching/Kats Kometani] as CJ [Marumoto the only Supreme Court Justice holdover from Territorial era via Marumoto’s age eligibility]. Marumoto would’ve served as CJ till age 70 in 1976, meaning that Bill Richardson (1919-2010) wouldn’t have revolutionized Hawai’i law to favor public resources/public access [Sotomura case on beach access/McBryde case on public waterways/Zimring case on lava land accretions], inasmuch Richardson was appointed CJ in 1966, up from Lt. Gov., in Burns’ 1st term as Gov. Marumoto was re-appointed as regular Justice shortly after Richardson’s appointment as CJ. Read more

Dispatches From Curt — Regarding Various Role Models

By Curtis Narimatsu

Sam Chapman Armstrong & Elbert Tuttle

George Custer was very brave, which served him well in the Civil War but not against the Indians. As to Kimo McVay’s maligned dad of the Indianapolis, Admiral King was looking to blame somebody for the loss of the flagship which had sons of influential people aboard, and did not want to admit that the heavy loss of life in part was due to administrative snafu.

Samuel Chapman Armstrong image courtesy of Findagrave.com

Some peers of mine are Hampton alumni, who never heard of Maui’s Samuel Chapman Armstrong, son of Congregational missionaries, full on haole, Punahou grad, who commanded Black troops in the Civil War & who founded prestigious Hampton U. Read more

Dispatches From Curt — Manny Pacquiao And Anticipated Post Scripts

By Curtis Narimatsu

Manny Pacquiao (born Dec. 17, 1978) is remarkable among the current crop of boxers for retaining his speed/fast hands and power in his punches as he moved up in weight from 112 lbs. to 145 lbs. Of course, Manny’s feat is nothing new amid the backdrop of boxing’s ancient roots.

As recently as a century ago, France’s endearing Orchid Man, Georges Carpentier, fought in every weight class from flyweight to heavyweight, & socked a right cross to the head of the great Jack Dempsey of Colorado which rocked back on his heels the hitherto invincible Dempsey. How does today’s Manny the “Pacman” fare vs. the greatest in boxing history, pound for pound, punch for punch??

As good measure over the long stretch of time, let’s consider the Philippines, where Manny is from. Visaya somehow manifests gloriously, being backward/much harder scrabble than the northern provinces. The greatest P.I. boxer is Francisco Guilledo aka Pancho Villa a century ago, Visayan like Manny. The 2 differences between these speed burners are that Guilledo was blessed with a radar- sensitive defense [unlike Manny’s porous defense, which is why you see Manny’s face/body always black & blue/busted up] & Guilledo was blessed with “walk on water” feet [light on his feet][vs. Manny’s plodder gait, understandable in that Manny gets Manny’s power from Manny’s bulbous legs, vs. Guilledo’s lithe gait wherein Guilledo’s power emanates from Guilledo’s rhythm/timing/snap a la today’s Thomas Hearns, the stick-thin exploding man]. Read more

Dispatches From Curt — Loyal Japanese-Americans And Genesis Of 100th/442 Combat Units

Image courtesy of bookmice.net

By Curtis Narimatsu

Loyal Japanese-Americans

The Japanese language school laws to abolish the Japanese language schools/gakko were struck down in 1927 by the U.S. Supreme Court, a body praised by Japan’s press as “the world’s most authoritative and dependable organ.” In 1935 Congress allowed WWI Japanese alien U.S. war veterans to become U.S. citizens. Mamo St. icon Sen. Sanji Abe was an American-born 2nd generation U.S. citizen, as was County Public Works engineer head Frank Futoshi Arakawa. Both also served with our WWI Co. D as doughboys [Frank was an officer], along with conscripted aliens. Both men also were great athletes in their halcyon younger days. The Advertiser gushed w/pride in its August 15, 1917 article which remarked on our all-Japanese Co. D [Who said our 100th/442 were the original Go for Broke boys?? No, WWI Co. D was!]: “It is going to be a good company. With the enthusiasm displayed by the Japanese and their desire to give a practical demonstration of their loyalty to the American flag, it is safe to say that it is going to be one of the crack (top) organizations. Anyone who knows the Japanese knows that!” Read more

Dispatches From Curt — History of Hilo’s Saloon Pilot Cracker And Anticipated Post Scripts

Image courtesy of Rodney Lee, Midlife Crisis, Honolulu Advertiser blog

By Curtis Narimatsu

Yes, today’s Saloon pilot cracker is from the German Ludloff brothers via the German hardtack, the Ludloffs cutting their teeth formerly w/Scot Love family on O’ahu. The Ludloff Crescent City Cracker Co. had its origin in Shinmachi between today’s bouldered driveway/Ke’elikolani St. & gravel road to Matson containers/Emma St.

The Ludloffs then built their massive 2 story concrete Luloff bldg. 1922 NW corner Pi’opi’o St./Kam Ave, the exact spot where is today’s Bayside Chevron at Kam/Pauahi Sts., by where the Bayside air/water hoses are w/blank lava wall [former Pi’opi’o sign face]. Read more

Dispatches From Curt — Of Gods & Other Musings, Only Love Endures, And Anticipated Post Scripts

Anu'u at Ka Lae, South Point, Ka'u, Hawaii. Donald B MacGowan photo courtesy of Loving The Big Island's Weblog

By Curtis Narimatsu

Of gods & other musings

At South Point/Ka Lae legend is that Ku’ula, god of the fishermen, married Waihine, & their son was Ai’ai. Leaving their home island of Kahiki [Tahiti?], they sailed to Kaua’i, & son Ai’ai eventually sailed to Ka Lae, because of Ka Lae’s abundant supply of fish.

Ai’ai later had the Menehune build a fishermen’s heiau known as Kalalea still there today. After Kamehameha’s conquest of the whole Island of Hawai’i in 1791, he always came to Kalalea as his favorite site in the huge district of Ka’u. And Kamehameha’s Plate was a huge slab of rock used to heap food for Kamehameha at Kalalea, along w/2 ho’okapu stones hollowed by hand for offerings to deities.

After the eventual lighthouse keepers left Ka Lae & the square concrete-walled area surrounding the ho’okapu stones on June 6, 1949, Kalalea was unguarded, & thieves stole the valuable stone artifacts from this historic site, plus the stone denoting the fishing god Ku’ula/genesis rock Ai’ai & companion/Kanemakua male-Kumaiea female stones. A thriving market in Haw’n antiquities ensued from what is today’s Lua Makalei site/Ka Lae. Read more