Letters — Lost Dog In Kalapana Seaview Area

Charlie, the dog of Robert and Crystal, has strayed off somewhere.  Lots of fireworks last night so he probably strayed thru the forest toward Kalani (Honua) or up mauka. 
He is very shy and a great dog….brown and black, longer haired border collie with four white tipped socks on his feet and white chest and has floppy ears.
Anyone with who may have seen Charlie, he has a dog license attached to a blue collar, please contact Robert or Cyrstal at (808) 965-6277…
Let’s have a happy ending to Charlie’s New Year Adventure…
(Mark Hinshaw)

Lost And Found — Help Find Lost Stroller In Hamakua Area

Image courtesy of Gear West Ski, Run & Soccer

Hi Tiffany,
My name is Lei and I met you at Kimi G’s party maybe a year ago. We chatted very briefly so I am not sure if you will remember who I am. I live in Hilo and have a son, Hunter, who is a year and a half. I was wondering if you could help me find my lost stroller.

On July 1st, my husband was doing a photo shoot out in O’okala and our stroller was in the back of the truck. As he was leaving the shoot, he forgot to put the tail gate back up and the stroller rolled out. This was a really great and expensive Chariot Carrier which is my life line. I have used it almost every day since Hunter has been born. Do you have a section on your blog page for putting up posts? If not, do you have any tips on where we could put a post up? We have posted on Craigslist and I will be looking into the Tribune Herald. I would appreciate any help. Losing this stroller really breaks my heart.

Thank you so much for your help,

(Ku’ulei Miura)

(Editor’s Note:  Those with information on the whereabouts of this stroller should email leidbird@yahoo.com.)

***Commentary*** Beware Of Slipper Caper

Tiffany Edwards Hunt photo

Tiffany Edwards Hunt photo

At least a dozen pairs of slippers have been stolen from the beach fronting the “Shacks” side of Pohoiki today, Saturday, Oct. 10, 2009, according to lifeguard Nohea Masaoka.
My Reef rubber slippers were among those stolen. They are women’s size 9 with violet blue soles and white straps. They are valued at $17 retail. Only one pair in that color and size were ordered for Jeff Hunt Surfboards, and Reef has since discontinued those slippers. Anyone in Puna seen wearing slippers matching the above description should be considered a thief and questioned about his or her involvement in the 11 other pair of slippers stolen today.

Lost And Found — Be On The Lookout For Loose Love Bird In Lower Puna

Don’t you just love my alliteration? Seriously, if this is to be taken seriously, I just received an email from Mark in Seaview that Suzanne Stjern, caretaker of parrots and various birds in his subdivision in Kalapana, “is concerned about a small ‘love bird’ that she recently adopted.” I don’t think this technically qualifies but, for the lack of a more appropriate category, I am placing this notice under Lost and Found. The love bird “has found a way to leave her sanctuary, yet also seems to find a way to return.”

Instructions to relay to you, dear reader who may be residing in Seaview or in the surrounding subdivisions, “if you discover this cute little flying friend on your lanai,” please contact Suzanne Stzern at (808) 965-6566 “and let her know that it is there.”

LOST AND FOUND — ‘Lilly,’ A Pomeranian With A Pink Mohawk, Lost At ‘Hot Ponds’ In Puna On Thursday


Owner Alia Rose lost “Lilly,” a white female pomeranian witha pink mohawk, on Thursday at Ahalanui Park, or “Hot Ponds,” in Puna.   Alia Rose notes that Lilly looks like a puppy but is an old dog with special dietary needs and an ear infection that needs medicine. Alia Rose is offering a $500 reward for Lilly’s safe return — no questions asked. Contact Alia Rose at (808) 937-3277.

KAPOHO BULLETIN: Lost Tibetan Spaniel In Vacationland

 Kapoho residents, please be on the look out for a six-month-old Tibetan Spaniel that goes by “Bodhi.”  The dog was lost on the coastline fronting Kapoho Vacationland around 7:30 a.m. Thursday.   Since then, Bodhi has been seen at least three times wandering the coastline between Kapoho Vacationland and Kapoho Beach Lots.  If you see Bodhi or if you are able to retrieve him, please call Julie Foster at (808) 965-7078, (808) 936-1558 or email her at juliefoster@hawaiiantel.net

 "Bodhi" Is Wandering The Coast Between Vacationland and Beach Lots in Kapoho