Politics — Fourth Of July Parade In Naalehu: A Photo Story

Politicians and church groups dominated the Fourth of July Parade in Naalehu Saturday, June 30. Harry Kim and Council Chairman Dominic Yagong who are seeking to unseat Mayor Billy Kenoi after his first term in office were in the parade, but the mayor himself was not represented.  Corporation Counsel Lincoln Ashida and Paul Dolan, esq., who are vying for the lead prosecutor position, were in the parade, but the third contender in the race, deputy prosecutor Mitch Roth was absent.

All the council candidates vying for the District 6 were represented, including Brenda Ford, who currently sits on the County Council representing District 7, Maile David, Bradley Westervelt and Lee McIntosh. (Marie Burns, who had pulled nomination papers for the Council District 6 seat, opted not to file nomination papers and will not be on the ballot as previously suggested by BIC.)

 As Ford rode past the farmer’s market fronting Shaka’s Restaurant in a red Mustang convertible driven by her husband Larry a vendor rushed to the street hollering at Ford: “Stop worrying about yourself and represent the people!” Bill Savage, of Mark Twain Estates, meanwhile, stood watching the parade, reflecting on the candidate forum his community held the night before. In his mind, Ford was the most impressive candidate and he noted he will be voting for “experience.” He pointed to the fact that, at the very least, the Hawaii County Council will see at least five new faces — Yagong is bowing out to seek the mayoral seat; Pete Hoffmann and Donald Ikeda have reached their term limit; Brittany Smart is seeking the State Representative District 3 seat; and Angel Pilago has opted not to seek re-election. Of the Naalehu candidate forum Friday, June 29, Savage also noted that Ashida was the only prosecutorial candidate to show up — even though Dolan is from the area.  Savage found it very impressive how “pono” Ashida was about the fact that the other candidates were a no-show, even trying to offer excuses from them.  Ashida told the crowd that Roth was sick and he believed Dolan had another engagement that night.  To Savage, Ashida’s graciousness bought him votes with the crowd present.

Assembly of God members

Former Mayor and Civil Defense Director Harry Kim, seeking to unseat Mayor Billy Kenoi.

Lincoln Ashida supporters

Dave Bateman, coffee farmer and candidate for state representative in Kona.

Gary Safarik, seeking the State Senate District 2 seat.

The Keanus passing out reusable bags for Bradley Westervelt, a candidate for Hawaii County Council District 6.

Maile David, seeking the newly redistricted Hawaii County Council District 6 seat.

Hawaii County Council Member Brenda Ford

Hawaii County Council Chairman Dominic Yagong, vying for mayor.

 Following are snapshots captured from Saturday’s Fourth of July parade:

Supporters of Bob Marx in a Chevy Ranchero.

Photo Of The Week — The Mayor’s Delegation For Recent Philippines Trip

Image courtesy of Mayor Billy Kenoi via Facebook.

Mayor Billy Kenoi and his delegation returned this week from their two-week trip to Ormoc, the Big Island’s sister city in the Philippines.  Depicted are those who took the trip:

Randy Kurohara, Director of County Research & Development (back left); Richard Ha and Wally Ishibashi of the Geothermal Working Group; Rose Bautista, County Immigration Specialist; Mike Kaleikini of Puna Geothermal Venture; Jane Clement of the Kona Visayan Club; Councilman Angel Pilago and his wife Nita; Jay Ignacio of HELCO; Paulette Cainglit, the Sister City coordinator; Dr. Bruce Matthews of UH Hilo; and Dutch Kuyper of Parker Ranch. Also in the delegation but missing from this photo was Will Rolston, County Energy Coordinator, and Dr. Sonny Genio of the Kona Visayan Club.

Politics — Dagger Day Celebration Commemorating The $8.6 Million Gym And Helene Hale, A Photo Story

Photos by Tiffany Edwards Hunt. All rights reserved. Use with permission only.

Pahoa High and Intermediate School students packed the newly built $8.6 million gymnasium Wednesday for a “Dagger Day” celebration that commemorated the gym’s construction and honored at least one dignitary who made it happen..  Ninety-four-year-old Helene Hale was instrumental in getting the gym listed as a capital improvement project for the state during her tenure in the Legislature representing Puna.  Hale also served as a councilwoman and the chairwoman of the Board of Supervisors, which preceded the County Council, back when Hawaii was still a territory.  A plaque in honor of Hale was unveiled during the celebration.  So, too, was an oversized check for $1,000 to the school from Keep America Beautiful, recognizing the school’s efforts to be green.  The celebration not only brought Hale, but current State Rep. Faye Hanohano, Mayor Billy Kenoi and Fred Blas.  Kenoi was among the speakers who helped make the event a pep rally of sorts. Along with dignitaries’ speeches, there were performances by high school musicians, hula dancers, and Dagger cheerleaders. The event was for students, dignitaries and invited guests only.

Helene Hale studies the plaque in her honor mounted on a breezeway wall outside the newly built gymnasium.

Helene Hale poses with Mayor Billy Kenoi next to the plaque in her honor.

Puna Councilman Fred Blas (L), Helene Hale, State Rep. Faye Hanohano, and Mayor Billy Kenoi pose in front of the Helene Hale plaque.

Photo Of The Week — Deputy Prosecutor Mitch Roth And Lead Corporation Counsel Lincoln Ashida Pictured Together

Deputy prosecutor Mitch Roth and lead Corporation Counsel Lincoln Ashida stand outside the Office of the Prosecuting Attorney Monday. Both have announced that they intend to run for prosecutor, promising for that race to be an exciting one. Photo by Tiffany Edwards Hunt. All rights reserved. Use with permission only.