Trading Post — See You At The Old Pahoa Village Farmers Market Today

My friend and I will be selling clothes for women and babies, fabric, household goods, knickknacks and what-have-yous from 8 a.m. to 3 p.m., tomorrow, Sunday, June 12, 2011 at the farmers market in Old Pahoa Village.  Come check out our booth and visit the up-and-coming farmers market in the parking lot behind Luquin’s Mexican Restaurant.

Advertisement — Big Island Chronicle Seeks Ad Representative

Big Island Chronicle is seeking a motivated, enthusiastic, creative, and aloha-filled advertising representative who is well versed in graphic arts and knows how to hustle.  Email resumes to newswoman(at) or mail them with a cover letter to Tiffany Edwards Communications, P.O. Box 557, Kurtistown, HI  96760.

***Commentary*** Resuming My ‘Dear Newswoman’ Column

Dear Newswoman / email your thoughts about Puna to newswoman(at)

I am resuming my “Dear Newswoman” monthly column in Denyse Temple’s Puna News, which is now only available through the Internet.
Because I am doing this venture here, I want to somehow weave together this and my support of Temple’s online news venture.
I would love your comments on subjects to explore in my monthly column. Off the top of my head, I envision the column to be a recap of the last month in Puna. But the “Dear Newswoman” aspect of community involvement is crucial. Not sure how to realize my vision. But I would love to put out a call for Puna specific tidbits of the last month that you feel are worthy of mention in my column.

Trading Post — Seeking A Desk Chair In Puna

(Editor’s Note: The following letter submitted to Big Island Chronicle (BIC) is being published to initialize a new category entitled, “Trading Post.” BIC wishes to promote reuse, recycling, and landfill diversion by publicizing noteworthy items for sale or sought to buy or trade. Email newswoman(at) your items needed or wanted or intended to sell or trade. In the case of the latter, attach photos with your email.)

Aloha Ohana,

If anyone happens to have an office chair that rolls and can move up and down, and is not using it, I would gratefully be happy to give it it’s full expression of purpose for up to the next 3 mos, feeling certain an equitable exchange would transpire.


Deborah Davis

Pahoa, Hawai’i