*** Commentary *** What’s With The Cheese In Honoka’a?

Artist's rendition of the soon-to-be Dutch-Hawaiian Cheesery In Honoka'a

It looks like Honoka’a has a new business in the works, and I have to say it’s a little cheesy.  It’s “The Dutch-Hawaiian Cheesery” to be located in the greenhouse next to to Tex Drive In & Restaurant.

 “If these are the Sandwich Isles, then the Big Island must be a burger.  And what a burger!  It would be loaded with world class grass fed beef or the freshest ocean fish, piled with local-grown lettuce and tomato, even farm-smoked bacon. There’s only one thing missing:  Where’s the cheese?”  —  business pitch circulated by Malena Kea and Jerry Perkins

Should the “Glass House” become a cheesery and offer recipes “passed down through the family for generations” with milk supplied from a local dairy,  I couldn’t be more supportive. 

“We invite you to take a bite of this metaphorical ‘Big Island burger’ and taste for yourself how our cheese makes even the best things better,” wrote Kees and Malena Kea.

 I’m wondering, are they going to be serving up this cheese at the neighboring Tex Drive In & Restaurant, or is the Dutch-Hawaiian Cheesery going to be serving up some of its own cheeseburgers? Looking forward to hearing more about this business to come.  Admittedly, the artist’s rendition makes the place look a little yuppie.  If there’s burgers, they’re going to be gourmet and come with a wine list. In any event, I love the logo — a surfing cow with a pua behind her ear. Cute. Serve me up some cheese!