Letters — From The Conservative Forum for Hawaii Regarding Civil Unions Bill

Courtesy of Allee Willis blog

Legitimacy of law, and it’s moral basis, MUST lie with the consent of the governed. Always.

Major societal changes will be illegitimate without ALL citizens having an equal voice in giving their approval to such a societal restructuring, by referendum.

For this reason, the governor’s veto of HB444 is correct: such a major societal change as requiring by law that our communities now value all sexual relationships as equivalent, that the traditional legal status and role given to heterosexual marriage since the first laws were ever written, can not be forced on to our communities by a few politicians alone, especially by less than open legislative practices as recently occurred in Hawaii.

Only by referendum should our communities and society be allowed to be restructured.

Power to the people, always.

The ends do not justify the means.


The Conservative Forum for Hawaii

Walter Moe


Edward Gutteling, M.D.

Vice President

Postcards — Feeling The Patriotism At The World Cup

Image courtesy of Dr. Ed Gutteling

Attention soccer fans, and, yes, all you other proper wankers, too. Well, the USA finally exits the show. It was thrilling, but as happens in all things, it is now over. If you’ve been watching on TV along with another 1 Billion (that’s billion with a “B”) of your  brothers and sisters around the planet, then you know what I mean.

If you haven’t, well eggs-and-bakey, wakey-wakey, you missed an amazing world-wide spectacle and will now have to wait another 4 years to try again to cheer for your country (2014 in Brazil).

You must appreciate what its like to be an American, going to a foreign country, joining 20-30,000 other electrified American fans advancing on the stadium, with a similar number and kind for the opposing team, with 90%+ all decked out in their country’s colors and associated costumes. Our national anthem never sounded better, or was sung more fervently by so may of our countrymen. Nearly no one attends a game without flying their country’s colors, even if you are from a country not even playing that day.

The colors, noise, continuous cheering, and sheer excitement momentum is incredible, and it happens day after day after day until the cup is over. Read more

Postcards — Greetings From South Africa

Greetings fellow soccer fans, and all you other provincial tossers, also.
Your US National Soccer team has now played 2 games in the initial group
play round, and ended Friday’s with a 2:2 draw with Slovenia. The US (and
most everyone else also) had expected a US victory, but not this time. Our
boys came out to a sluggish start. I think we did not fully respect the
intensity and skills Slovenia could muster, despite being the smallest
nation in the Cup and the very last to have qualified from Europe. Maybe
we shouldn’t have over-looked that they had knocked out the impressive
Russia to get here.

We showed a porous defensive effort, and Slovenia scored early after just
12 minutes with a 20 yard powerful bullet shot when space was given,
quieting the prior feverish US half of the 70,000 fans at Joburg’s Ellis
Park Stadium. The US responded with a more intensive offensive effort, but
were vulnerable to the counter=punch attack late in the first half
with a through pass and standard power shot after again failing to cover
tightly enough. Read more