Island News — County Of Hawaii Sues Waikoloa Workforce Housing Developers

(Media release) — The County of Hawai’i has filed a lawsuit against the companies UniDev, LLC and UniDev Hawaii LLC alleging the companies knowingly filed false and fraudulent claims for payment with the county.

The lawsuit filed in Third Circuit Court also alleges UniDev deliberately provided false information and false documentation to the county in 2007 and 2008 in an effort to persuade county officials to commit $31 million to support the 1,200-unit Kamakoa at Waikoloa workforce housing project.

The lawsuit alleges UniDev deliberately understated development costs and omitted expenses to make it appear the housing units at Kamakoa would be affordable for the target group of families making 50 percent to 140 percent of the median county income.

The suit also alleges UniDev negligently made numerous representations to induce the county to provide funding because UniDev collected a portion of its fees for managing the project out of the money provided by the county. Read more