Dispatches From Curt — Dickie Carter And Henry Chong, And Other Musings

By Curtis Narimatsu

Hilo police detective Dickie Carter wiped out organized crime with Henry Huihui’s conviction over a quarter century ago, and enabled Henry to turn government witness.   Dickie was known to terrorize Puna pot growers, but Dickie had a measured hand for mob figures whom Dickie put away.   Dickie died before his time at age 58 from a brain tumor.  Dickie’s early death relegates him to obscurity today, but for those of us who felt both his wrath and wonder a generation ago, his name evokes tremendous reverence.   Dickie had a bone to pick with Larry Mehau (born 1929), in that allegedly had Larry not mediated/been a peacemaker among warring mob factions three decades ago, the mob would have self-destructed, allegedly as you see with Hilo’s Malu Motta’s Pali Golf Course carnage.  That Honolulu DA Chuck Marsland was a whole cheeser/lone ranger didn’t help law enforcement efforts to unify Statewide to investigate Mehau for criminal activity.  Dickie held the Big Island prep shot put record for over 3 decades, to make up for Dickie’s crybaby ways as a huge but fragile-emotioned child.

An aside, Hilo’s Henry Chong (born 1952) was a motor patrolman who testified as the ticketing officer vs. a motorist for speeding.  He truthfully said that the defendant was not the person he ticketed, at which point the prosecutor dismissed the case.   Being that the traffic courtroom was a full house gallery including fellow police officers, Henry felt utterly humiliated that Henry couldn’t  ID the defendant motorist.   Read more