Dispatches From Curt — Shizuko ‘Mary’ Teshima; Hitobi To Wo Sonkei Shimasu; Happiness; Generational Impudence; And Saichi Higashi


(Photo Courtesy of the Mayor's Office) Mayor Billy Kenoi proclaimed June 24, 2009 "Shizuko Teshima Day" to celebrate the 102nd Shizuko "Mary" Teshima's 102nd birthday. Depicted are Mayor Billy Kenoi, L, Deputy Managing Director Wally Lau, and Shizuko Teshima at her 80-year-old restaurant in Honalo.

(Photo Courtesy of the Mayor's Office) With Deputy Managing Director Wally Lau (R) looking on, Mayor Billy Kenoi declares June 24, 2009 "Shizuko Teshima Day" in honor of Shizuko's 102nd birthday.


By Curtis Narimatsu

Shizuko “Mary” Teshima 

At 102, Shizuko still sharp as tack, still runs Teshima Restaurant w/grandson Ronnie Ow [Korean/Japanese].  Shizuko’s dear friend was Kona rancher/Hollywood actor Jimmy Stewart, who loved to drink just 1 Kirin beer.

Stewart was very loving/mellow/considerate — a perfect gentleman. Shizuko correctly says that Norm Sakata is a monoshiri/conceited fella, but that Harold [Tosh Togo] was down-to-earth/loving.  Shizuko says that Minoru Inaba was a good man & politician.  She says that Kinzaburo Makino came to eat at Teshima Restaurant — she was shocked because he didn’t look one drop japanee.  She says that Sherwood Greenwell was super sweet, that the Paris family [Shipman] is outspoken but good-hearted. Read more