Hugh-isms — The Late Mayapple McCullough, A Champion

Mayapple McCullough,

Mayapple McCullough, 1947-2009

By Hugh Clark

 After the bizarre Thanksgiving night death of Yvonne Mathison that made little sense to reporters and  the public, Mayapple McCullough grabbed the torch for a better investigation and for justice, eventually summoning world criminal experts to Hilo to make the case against Yvonne’s policeman husband that led to his conviction and what many saw as a deserved sentence of more than life in prison.
 (Kenneth Mathison ironically was assigned to desk duty — meeting reporters each day before he was eventually fired and tried.)
It was not an open and shut case. Police dragged their collective feet for the most part, prosecutors seemed lethargic from a public viewpoint. But they never had run up against this dynamo of a diminutive woman who burst into newspaper offices demanding reporters get off their asses, hassled the County Council and hosted her own rallies for victims at Mo’oheau Park.
She was the mother of the now apparently defunct Citizens for Justice and slowly earned the respect of even her critics in pushing for the rest of us to do our jobs better. Read more