Letters — Disappointed By The ‘Smoke And Mirrors’ With Highway Projects

I’ve very disappointed in Governor Abercrombie’s
administration.Transparency has taken a large step backwards during his
current term.
It is very difficult to get any significant updates on two stalled (and
important) highway projects, the second phase of Queen Kaahumanu
Highway widening and the realignment/reconstruction of the final 5.7
miles of the Daniel K. Inouye Highway in Hilo.

I have to jump through hoops to get any updates on these projects, as
the governor refuses to acknowledge any of my e-mails. The lack of
transparency also applies to the State Department of Transportation and
Federal Highway Administration upper management on Oahu
and the mainland.

This wasn’t a problem during Governor Lingle’s second term. Both the
State Department of Transportation and FHWA were much more open, at
least with my inquiries. We, as taxpayers, deserve to know where things
stand with both of these highway projects without any smoke and mirrors.

Aaron Stene

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  1. Hugh Clark
    Hugh Clark says:

    Aaron has a real honest beef that needs addressing.

    These are not “THEIR” project but “OUR” projects.

    Communicating cannot become a one-way street with government minions spoon feeding a lazy, unquestioning media.

    Neil needs to make his people more responsive and more timely with those responses.

    Since Gov. Cayetano we have suffered to much closed behavior by our well compensated bureaucrats. Democracy depends on openness.

  2. Hawaiino
    Hawaiino says:

    Wanna get a road built on this island? Make it a County project….Billy has gotten more roads built in 5 years than any 8 year administration, State or County, or combined for that matter.
    Roads require; need, capital, and administrative “push”.
    Put Mayor Kenoi in charge…if only we could.

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