Letter — Seeking An Improvement To Beach Road In Waa Waa

Hi Tiffany,
I am a Realtor at Savio in Pahoa and I live in Waa waa on Beach Road.   The road is the worst I’ve seen it in 9 years and the County officials won’t come down and check it out. We have a Petition to get it paved but we would be happy at this point with some gravel.  Myself, and at least 5 others are avidly calling anyone we can to figure out who is in charge of ordering gravel.  The road is caving in at one point. Please call me and I will explain further–I am hoping to get an article published in one of the weeklies to shed some light on this problem. Please drive the road and get back to me if you are interested in helping us.
aloha, Karen Mickievic
Savio Realty Ltd.
Karen Mickievic

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  1. hazen
    hazen says:

    I’ve been driving that road every day. Yep, sure sucks. Must put a hurt on sales. No one down there i talk to seems to mind. Kind of why they live in Waawaa. Doesn’t seem to have slowed down the tourists any, it’s pretty much nonstop down there. I respect that the County needs to do it’s job but be careful, you poke too much for paving and some might accuse you of moving somewhere and then complaining that it needs to be changed.

  2. Hugh Clark
    Hugh Clark says:

    Is this a county road? Is it a “paper road?” Lots of roads are in limbo in Hawaii County, especially on Hamakua coast, rural South Kona and, of course, in Puna.

  3. fruit farmer
    fruit farmer says:

    most folks there like it as is, with some new cinder every once in a while. that road would be a busy (and fast driven) connection to and from H. Beaches, perhaps not the best thing for theft in Waa Waa. Lowriders, etc.

  4. Hilojoey
    Hilojoey says:

    I live in Waa Waa and like it the way it is. Tiffany’s first words said it all, she is in real estate.

  5. Hilojoey
    Hilojoey says:

    Sorry I meant Karen not Tiffany. P.S. Karen get out there with your shovel and gravel or move, I know I purchased my property in Waawaa because of the dirt road. Can you just imagine all the speeding traffic coming from Hawaiian Beaches. Another real estate agent wanting to develop Waawaa, lucky us. Good luck.

  6. greg owen
    greg owen says:

    Govt. beach road could surely use a large amount of gravel to make it easier to travel.Half the problem was that for over ten years the county illegally,even criminally brought in toxic material from the National Guard riflerange not far from the hilo airport.There is and was unsafe amounts of lead in this fill. I was given the information at a community meeting on the road by the road supervisor for the county who was about to retire.I showed him some of the HUNDREDS of BULLETS that I had picked up on the roadbed.Later I talked with police Lt. Uehana who said they were 30 caliber rounds fired from m-14s,the kind of rifle that was used in the early days of the Vietnam war….If only the county had brought in large amounts of quality gravel the problem would not be half so bad>Many of the pro pave group-my neighbors,-god bless them- are realtors or speculators

  7. Nohea
    Nohea says:

    I live in Wa`awa`a and as much as I love living off grid and on a dirt road, I would love to see the road paved, at least in all the places that always have so many holes that you can`t drive around them. The county never fixes the road when there are just a few holes, (which would be more practical, because they would not need to bring the dozer, just a truck with gravel, like they did in the old days). They always wait till it so bad.

    Another option would be to pave from Hawaiian Beaches to Pakaka Rd. Then the mango trees are saved.

    Actually they should pave the road all the way to Hilo. If we ever needed to get out of Puna, due to a geothermal disaster or lava flow – that would be the quickest way for people to leave Kapoho area, and it gives us another emergency route (which is needed in the Puna District. Also it would save us gas, wear and tear on our cars, and save some time to get to Hilo (and not having to drive all the way to Pahoa to get to Hilo).

    The biggest reason for improved roads are emergencies. There has already been one death that might not have happened, if the ambulance had gotten here faster.

    Paving would stop the issue of “toxic material” used by the county.

    I would think more traffic would cut down on thievery, “too many eyes watching”.

    The police have been coming here quite often these last 3 months, maybe if the road was paved they would patrol this area better.


  8. greg owen
    greg owen says:

    Nohea I respect you and your opinions a lot.I disagree on this one….paving the road would bring a whole new set of problems….the majority of us anti pavers want a WELL MAINTAINED GRAVEL ROAD.Paving the road will bring a HUGE increase in traffic,speeding, head on collisions and crime.Without a doubt…and also the realtors that live in waawaa,the speculators that live in waawaa and those that are doing vacation homes in waawaa will all be overjoyed if the road is paved.I was personally warned by John Durga ,the realtor who OWNS the realty office at Malama,that unless we residents took action within 20 years all the coastal lots will be vacation rentals…a defacto resort area…and just imagine what that will do to everyones land tax who live in the area…it will skyrocket…and so will land and house prices…so if you wanna sell your place in waawaa,you too can make big bucks!! And maybe move to somewhere even better…like where?? Paving will be the ruination of our relatively quiet area and it is a fact there are numerous money obsessed individuals who want waawaa to be californicated.Kapoho-Kine and Arnotts Lodge will bring their minibus loads of tourists to so called ‘mermaid pond’. Waawaa is precious,where else in hawaii does such a place exist? A WELL MAINTAINED GRAVEL ROAD will suffice any emergency needs.I have lived here for 37 years and want waawaa to remain COUNTRY!

  9. Brian Jordan
    Brian Jordan says:

    I would love to see a road also but it only rates scraping. Go up to Hawaiian Beaches and you will see that areas THAT WERE PAVED are under water. This is a trail which is used in emergencies as a road. My friends who live on it would like it scraped and leveled but mother nature is slowly taking parts of the road. The end of Kahakai used to be solid cliff now it is a canyon which loses more land every year. The County may level it but a road is not a good investment. The road goes all the way past HPP. The road there is overgrown with large rocks and holes. This would be a good project for minimum security convicts to rake cinder and tamp pot holes. \It would be nice as a passible road for slow moving vehicles. Having lived her for over 20 years many is the day I wish it was a smoother path.

  10. NeighborWatch
    NeighborWatch says:

    The pros and cons, a friend of mine has a old family fishing house on the HPP side if the road, he don’t want to see it paved and a few years back someone wiped out all those old growth mango trees that lined the rd. from the HPP side going to HB. Just to run a power pole line to his place. Sad all those tree for one guy’s Helco hook up. Most people move to a dead end road because it is.

    Yes is would be smart, to pave the coast road but much of that undisturbed coast line will get disturbed, trashed and USED. I like it, like it is, in an emergency evac. my horse can walk that 4×4 Old Gov. Rd. no problem. But anything done regarding a PMAR plan has to go through Shipman and that’s the elephant in the room.

    Light rail on R/R is a concept too advanced for our contemporary planing dept. minds, but it’s the smartest solution. In 20 years they’ll go, oh yea! R/R Ave.
    After 130 is 3-4 lanes each direction I-30.


  11. blowhole
    blowhole says:

    Since the county refuses to care for it according to its use. We should adopt the road for was waa and privatize the section through was was and gate it off to stop all thoroughfare traffic and keep it graded at the expense of the residence via donations. This eleminates the heavy usage that the county refuses to support via regular maintenance or pavement.

  12. mary
    mary says:

    The issue here is not whether someone has a certain kind of job, or no job, it is that all of us deserve a drivable surface. There are presently 427 potholes between Honolulu Landing and the end of the forest reserve. Yes, they were counted. The county is negligent in this situation, and this needs to be made public, so that people have a safe way in and out of their homes.

  13. Hilojoey
    Hilojoey says:

    Although I often curse the road when it gets real bad I still would rather drive slow and enjoy the road then see it paved. I would love to see the county maintain a well gravel road and it would be less costly than paving the road. Waawaa is a unique area and paving it would in my opinion destroy it’s flavor and open it up to speeding traffic and more theft. I hate driving Opipikio rd as it’s scary and dangerous because of all the speeding traffic. Same goes for the lower road a most of the time.

  14. Hugh Clark
    Hugh Clark says:

    Question remains: is this a county road?

    I recall that paramedics declined to go there to pick up dying Dana Ireland man years ago.

  15. mary
    mary says:

    It was a state road, given to the county to maintain. The county likes to call it a road in limbo, but Helen Hale years ago, got the county to promise to maintain the road every four months. This did not happen. At the last road meeting Warren Lee stated that it was being maintained every four months. We informed him this was not happening, he said he would have it maintained every four months, this again has not happened.

  16. Handyman
    Handyman says:

    Aloha Lower Puna,

    I disagree with the ideas of paving and especially “gating” beach road. The road was in this condition before any of you Paving Pros moved there.

    If you are dissatisfied with your choice of investment, then by all means pack up and invest else where. But please leave our beautiful road alone.


  17. Handyman
    Handyman says:

    Aloha blowhole,

    Your idea of erecting gates on a section of Waa Waa road is an act of Anti-Aloha. Why would you possibly want to do that in the State of Aloha? Are you a “Californicators”? If this be the case, then you surely have your head up your “blowhole”.

    Please pack-up yourself and leave. It’s obvious Hawaii is too beautiful for you Californicators. I’ll be quite happy giving you a ride to the airport.


  18. greg owen
    greg owen says:

    They are fixin the road right now….maybe warren lee will tell the guys to bring down a exra large amount of quality chip gravel….this is one of those rare cases when i think the govt.’owes’ the community BECAUSE for over ten years they broght in lead contaminated road fill from a toxic site…i remember it well…there were big rocks, dirt, and lots of bullets…clearly a case of criminal corruption…in my mind…and you know what? This caused a lot of bickering,backbiting,and bullshit between neighbors that was un necasary.Oh yeah and I always give the road crew guys lots of aloha….

  19. hilojoey
    hilojoey says:

    I think we should hold them to the every four months statement,still would be gravel just easier to drive. It’s just to beautiful the way it is to pave.

  20. mary
    mary says:

    I have sent packets of pictures, related e-mails and a cover letter to Warren Lee, Billy Kenoi and KHON actionline. Hoping to get at the very least a written schedule for maintenance.
    Yes, they are working on the road, after the KHRON actionline was mentioned to the road dept. However, in the past, they will come out under pressure, then not return until extreme pressure is applied again. Remember this is an evacuation route, the only way in and out for us and emergency vehicles. “Road in limbo” is a very poor classification for a road with these needs. 427 potholes in the first mile! The road crew supervisor said they had to do a lot of extra preparation for the gravel as these potholes were so deep! Come on our taxes are just as good as those that live on the rest of the red road, which is paved.

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