State Rep. District 4 Questionnaire: Leilani Bronson-Crelly

What do you think are the most important issues for your district, and what would you do about them?

Jobs! Support raising minimum wage towards livable wages. Initiate programs for farm to table value added products and places to produce them. Encourage entreprenuerial programs. Create tax initiatives to bring jobs and industry to Puna. Next is working with State Department of Transportation to provide connectivity through the region that works. Bring sustainable and renewal energy opportunities to the region. Also important is to improve the emergency response and medical needs to Puna Makai.

What do you think are the most important issues for the Island of Hawaii as a whole, and what would you do about them?
Let’s start by taking inventory of our resources and treasures and define ways to protect them for generations to come. By doing so, we take a pro-active position rather than a re-active one. We need to focus on jobs, developing sustainable energy to counter our expensive electric bills, and securing a local food source to counter our heavy dependance on shipped-in goods. I would advocate and draft legislation to support these needs – while collaborating with peers to align with its importance.>
If not covered above, what are your views on:

1. What can the state do to make the island’s power grid more compatible with solar energy?

Work with heico to provide better tie-in to their grid system.

2. Do you believe that Big Island farmland should be used to produce
biofuels for the military?

I do not have enough information to respond. But, in general, I do not support removing prime ag lands out of inventory and productive use.

3. Do you believe biofuel production for civilian electricity and transportation should be expanded on the Big Island?

Yes, but with stringent air quality control measures in place prior to build-out.

4. Do you believe geothermal production should be expanded on the Big Island? If it is expanded, what can the state to do make geothermal production safer?

Until the state requires better and more stringent monitoring and accountability measures with the needs of near-by residents in mind, no, i do not support further expansion of geothermal production – and most certainly not in puna.

5. Do you believe the state should invest in an undersea power cable to transport Big Island-generated energy to O`ahu?


6. What can be done to make the state, as a whole, use less energy?

Provide reasonable incentives to use other renewable sources of energy such as solar.

7. Do you accept campaign contributions from HECO, HELCO, petroleum companies or other companies with a commercial interest in energy?


1. What can the state do to encourage more local food production for local markets?

Make farming and production of value added products easier and do-able. I have a plan…

2. Do you support the labeling of genetically modified foods?

3. Do you support increased regulation, at the state level, of genetically modified seed production?

4. Do you support increased regulation, at the state level, of pesticides?

5. Do support regulation of pesticides and/or gm crops at the county level?

Housing, employment and homelessness
1. How can the state encourage the building of affordable housing?

In other counties and states, impact requirements require developers to provide a percentage of affordable housing in their subdivision development. Why can’t the same be done in hawaii county?
2. Historically, planning for housing and jobs on this island has not been conducted with energy sustainability in mind, as evidenced by the long commute between more affordable housing in East Hawaii and jobs at the resort nodes in West Hawaii. What can the state do to put people and jobs closer together?

The state can develop enterprise zones in East and West Hawaii. I am planning on an incubator project for Puna Makai region – District 4 to keep entreprenuerial jobs in our area. As an idea, large development projects might be provided tax incentives for hiring local first.

3. How can the state get more homeless people into housing without taking their things or putting them in prison?

It is important to first distinguish the needs of a homeless person. One size ruling does not fit all their needs. Lumping them all together will not work!>
Crime and prison reform
1. What’s the best way to relieve the overcrowding of Hawaii’s prison system?

I support preventative measures to keep our youth from going to jail in the first place. Why have our jails filled beyond capacity?

2. Do you favor the building of a privately-owned prison in Hawaii?

Not enough information to answer this question.

3. Would you support the building of such a prison on the Big Island?
Not enough information to answer this question.

4. Do you favor the establishment of a Pu`uhonua with a program based on ho`oponopono within the state correctional system? If so, should that program be limited only to kanaka maoli or open to all prisoners?

I absolutely support these programs as preventative incarceration and anti-recidivism measures and would want them available to all prisoners of hawaii.

4. Do you favor the legalization of marijuana? Why or why not?

Yes, I see it both as an economic boon to our tax base, as well as supports the decriminalization of marijuana. Value-added products of marijuana must be clearly defined and enforced to meet health/food-standards and safety.

1. Do you support the current house leadership, or would you favor a change?


2. Do you accept campaign contributions from outside your district?

3. Do you support publicly funded elections?


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