Lava Report: She’s Here

After a long, start-and-stop march in which lava was several times predicted to be with a few days of reaching Pahoa, Madame Pele finally stands on the brink of civilization. According to County Civil Defense, the flow advanced 300 yards yesterday, putting it within 250 yards of the Apa`a Street area near the Pahoa Transfer Station. The recycling tent has already been removed from the station, and recycling services ended at noon today; the station itself is expected to close at the end of the business day today.  According to a press release from the County’s Department of Environmental Management, the county has already selected a new temporary site for the transfer station on Kauhele Road above the Pahoa Neighborhood Facility, which will be open tomorrow, Saturday, Oct. 25 at 6 a.m., accepting residential refuse, mixed recycling, white goods/scrap metal, green waste and Hi5 cans and reusable items.
In a Facebook exchange with an area homeowner, Department of Environmental Management head Bobby Jean Leithead-Todd noted that the new site was a temporary emergency measure while the county negotiated for a new permanent site. The county already owns the land at the Kauhele Road site.
Civil Defense officials will be conducting door to door notifications of residents in the down slope areas of Pahoa Village to insure residents are aware of current activities,”  but no evacuation notice is in effect for now. “Current flow activity does not pose an immediate threat to area communities and no evacuation is needed at this time. Area residents will be given adequate notice to safely evacuate should that be necessary,” noted County Civil Defense’s latest update on the situation.
Apa’a Street and Cemetery Road remain closed between the Pahoa Transfer Station and the Kaohe Homesteads Road.

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