Lava Update, Monday Evening: First residence 70 Yards Away; Schools to Rearrange Themselves; The THele On Abandons Downtown Pahoa

Lava has been progressing slowly all day–Hawaii Volcano Observatory reported at 5:30 that it had been moving at the rate of 8-11 yards per hour today, but Civil Defence reported at 7 p.m. that it had been advancing 5-10 yards per hour since 2:40. The flow has spend most of the day in pastureland and woods, but as of 7 p.m. it was about 70 yards from the nearest residence.  If the flow continues at its rate of  this afternoon, it could be parallel to or on top of the nearest residence before dawn.

The closure of Old Government Road (Pahoa Village Road) between Apa`a St. and  Post Office Road has prompted the County’ s Hele On Bus to abandon Old Government Road and downtown Pahoa entirely, providing no service along its former stops between Long’s Drugs and Pahoa High/Intermediate School.   New stops have been established along Highway 130 at the Pahoa Police/Fire station, Malama Market and the Hawaii Academy of Arts and Sciences, and on Highway 132 at the New Hope Church Sign.

More on what’s open and what’s not:

Keonepoku Elementary School will close indefinitely on Wednesday, Nov. 29, and the entire school will be moved to temporary facility at Kea’au High School.  School will be canceled at Pahoa High & Intermediate, Pahoa Elementary, Kea‘au High and Kea‘au Middle beginning on Thursday, October 30, in order to “allow administrators, faculty and staff from those schools to help with administrative work and prepare for the transition of students affected by the move.”  Secondary students who live on the Kea’au side of the flow and currently attend Pahoa High and Intermediate will report to Kea’au High School or Kea’au Intermediate School on November 7;  school will resume for the remaining students on November 10. Keonepoku and Hilo Primary School students living on the Kea’au side of the flow will also report to their new school, dubbed Keonepoku North, on November 10.  The Chronicle will have a more complete report on the school situation tomorrow.

A sign at Ning’s Thai Restaurant in downtown Pahoa said that it was closed while the owners were on vacation in Thailand.


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