Morning Lava Report: Lava Stalled at Edge, but Burns Ag Structure Upslope.


The leading edge of the flow remains stalled about 480 feet from Pahoa Village Road (Old Government Road, but the flow is fattening up upslope, threatening structures there.  According to Hawaii Volcano Observatory, “The lobe downslope from Volcano Observatory was active overnight in a forested area, burning trees and causing “numerous” methane explosions. A new, small breakout on the Pahoa side of the flow above Apa`a Street burned a cattle shed that held salt blocks. A lobe on the north side on the Kea’au side of the flow advanced overnight to within 44 yards of the old Transfer Station  and the street, but was advancing at the rate of only a little over a couple of yards an hour.

From Hawaii Volcano Observatory: the flow as of yesterday.  The active lobe near the old Transfer Station, lower left, has advanced since this map was made.


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  1. Errol
    Errol says:

    Hi Alan… It should have read “The lobe just downslope of the P?hoa cemetery was active overnight, burning trees in a forested area and causing numerous loud methane busts. Thanks for the updates… Aloha…Errol

  2. Alan McNarie
    Alan McNarie says:

    Yeah, well, I didn’t figure they actually meant that the lava was sculpting statues of people from the shoulders up or was busting people for possessing methane, so I took the liberty of paraphrasing.–AM

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