Evening Lava Report, Saturday Nov. 1

The leading edge of the lava flow is still stalled, but advancing breakouts on both side are broadening the swath of destruction. As of 5:15 p.m., one lobe of lava on the Kea’au-side flank of the flow was within about 219 yards of catching up with the stalled flow front, and one on the Kalapana side was within 55 yards of the flow front.  The Kea’au-side lobe was moving at abut four yards per hour; the Kalapana-side lobe,  about 6 yards per hour.  Hawaiian Volcano Obervatory noted that the Kalapana-side lobe was ” being confined by artificial barriers, which may be influencing its advance rate. ”

Another  breakout,  descending through pasture below the cemetery was described as “weak to moderate, with a minor amount of expansion of the flow margin.” That flow had not  “advanced significantly, and  remained about 109 yards from a house next to the pasture, according to HVO.

HVO reported that  final lobe of lava was stalled at its margin of the old transfer station.

Civil Defense has not issued any reports since about 8 a.m.


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