Evening Lava Report, 11/11/14: Lava Breaches Transfer Station

It now looks as if Pahoa’s former tranfer station and recycling/reuse center is not likely to be reoccupied. This morning, two different active tongues of  lava ware mapped on its borders.  At around noon, at least one of them broke through the transfer station fence and entered the grounds.

Civil Defense   in their evening report, noted three active breakouts in the vicinity of the cemetery below Apa’a Street;  above Apa’a Street upslope of the transfer station; and .3 miles upslope of Apa’a Street. Hawaiian Volcano Observatory reported “small lava breakouts from the main lava tube … on the north side of the flow in the vicinity of the cemetery” and within about 220 yards downslope. Another breakout that started Sunday above Apa`a St. and then separated into three lobes, it noted,  was “still active as shown by inflation features and breakouts near the transfer station, downslope of the house that was destroyed on November 10, and along the north margin of the main tube upslope of the cemetery.”

Civil defense also reported “moderate to heavy” smoke blowing  with light  towards the Leilani Subdivision  and “lower Puna areas.” It advised residents living downwind who” may be sensitive or have respiratory problems” totake necessary precautions and stay indoors.  This reporter also observed heavy vog in some mauka areas, including Volcano, last night.

Hawaiian Volcano Observatory photo, below: Just before noon today, lava pushed through the fence at the southwest corner of the P?hoa transfer station and moved down the slope onto the station grounds. The flames are caused by burning asphalt.


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