Letter: Why No Buses in Downtown Pahoa?

Dear Editor,

Whose cruel and dangerous idea was it to not allow the Public Bus on the streets of Pahoa where the Road is open to traffic and all stops can still be serviced along the OPEN route.  Now the Powers-That-Be make mothers with children and babies in strollers walk and wait in the rain along with seniors and everyone else who can’t afford or choose not to own an automobile because the designated Bus Stop shelters in Pahoa that are on open routes through Pahoa have inexplicably been abandoned in exchange for walking and/or being dropped off on highway with traffic whizzing by at 45-60 mph.  Then you must cross the highway on foot to get to Pahoa but there is not one crosswalk anywhere on the whole bypass and the speed limit sign says 45.  Where is the logic in this?  Our Public Servants have cut Pahoa in half in their panic causing undue hardships for people instead of helping.


Michael Bailey

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  1. R Dean
    R Dean says:

    Where is the public safety in these actions by the county
    and why has Council Member Paleka done nothing to help
    alleviate this selective deprivation of public access upon
    taxpayers of district 5?

  2. CS Gray
    CS Gray says:

    Paleka is not the councilor until he is sworn in, Zendo Kern is still in that position and should be working with the council 4 representative to meet the needs of the district. Complaining that a councilor elect isn’t doing anything before he even has the actual job doesn’t make a lot of sense.

  3. hangloose
    hangloose says:

    This bus situation is in Pahoa, not District 5. Besides, Paleka doesn’t get sworn in until next month.

    You should be directing your accusations to your District 4 representative, Greggor Ilagan. He should be available to answer all your questions, he is a sitting council member and reelected.

  4. Sara Steiner
    Sara Steiner says:

    Yeah, I’ve been emailing Gregor since Nov. 3rd. He doesn’t read his emails. I then started asking him to take me off his lava update list, but he doesn’t read the requests.

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