Letter (and a cartoon): Splitting Puna


As Pahoa languishes under the auspices of protection from the lava, I would like to make the people aware of the tragedy that is happening now that our precious town has been severed in half.

Businesses on the lower east side of Pahoa are dying.  Tourists don’t know that Pahoa is not Malama and Longs Marketplaces, so they do not go there.  We want to see the lava.  Elected Officials do not respond to [the] multitude of safety, dead business, other complaints.  Mothers and babies now walk in dark on [the] highway to find nonexistent bus stops…  Even police and national guard at roadblocks admit [the] problem.

–Sara Steiner



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  1. Sara Steiner
    Sara Steiner says:

    Thanks for printing my cartoon! While attending the meeting Thursday, and I heard the Mayor say Helco was going to start cleaning up the road and they are going to try reopen next week for Thanksgiving!

    Of course the T-H had Civil Defense saying the road might be open by Christmas… what’s another month right???

    Command Center maybe closing Saturday already? Little bit of over-reacting and scaring some business and residents away? How about taking your new dump with you! Whose idea was it to divert thousands of residents to dump their trash in the middle of town next to residential housing and parks where our children play. Now we can listen to the trash-smashing and big trucks hauling in and out all day long, smell some delicious aromas while we are eating meals along the boardwalk.

    Contrary to what the Mayor said last night, he really should come out and actually talk to the people on the streets and businesspersons in Pahoa, as our Puna County Council Reps have been invisible and there are a multitude of issues that need to be addressed.

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