Lava Report: New Flow Front Advances; Mayor Renews State of Emergency

The new lava flow front continues to advance and widen. As of 8:45 this morning, according to Hawaiian Volcano Observatory, it was 2.5 miles from the intersection of Pahoa Village Road and the Pahoa Bypass, having come about 475 yards or .4 miles since the day before. The area continues to burn native forest, but no dwellings or other buildings are at immediate risk.

“The flow is approximately 500 m from a point where several lines of steepest descent nearly converge due to flat topography. Until the flow passes this area of flat topography, the future flow path is uncertain,” noted the HVO report. HVO’s map of the flow, which has not been updated since December 1, shows the two most likely paths of descent. One would intersect the highway in the vicinity of Pahoa Marketplace, and the other would cross the highway between Pahoa and Hawaiian Paradise Park and then proceed toward the lower section of HPP.

Given the new flow front’s continued advance, Mayor Billy Kenoi has proclaimed another 60-day extension of the State of Emergency in Puna, which has been in effect since September 4 of this year.



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