Letter: Mahalo! And More Work to be Done!


I would like to take this opportunity to thank the people in charge for opening the Pahoa Village Road and mowing the grass on Pohoiki Road!  

I know that it is a challenging time for Civil Defense, the Mayor, Health Department and the Department of Education responding to Pele on our beautiful island.  In the spirit of love and caring for the residents of Pahoa affected by the actions of government in their response to Pele, I would like to remind those in charge that all the empty desks and chairs and stuff from school children sent to Keaau from Pahoa School are being stored in the Pahoa School gymnasium, and the children have not  been able to access and use their gym normally since that was done several months ago.  It is a sad reminder of their friends who had to move.

Also, there is a health and sanitary disaster that is the dump in the middle of Pahoa.  It is absolutely revolting to the olfactory and auditory senses, not to mention the constant grinding of the compactors, the large trucks driving in and out, the fire trucks and ambulances moving in and out, the residents driving in and out, all of this happening right next to the skate park, swimming pool, county housing, farmers market, and through our narrow streets.  There is a plethora of empty land in lower Puna, please move the stinky maggot-ridden dump right away!

The people of Pahoa deserve better.

In Love,

Sara Steiner


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  1. Jay Turkovsky
    Jay Turkovsky says:

    Sara… 100% Great call on this topic! My first trip to the “new transfer station location?” was last weekend. I was appalled to see the location selected. What about the giant new cleared area for the Puna Follies Recreation Center that has, since the flow threat, been postponed? Put the dang dump somewhere else!!!

  2. Sara Steiner
    Sara Steiner says:

    Perhaps they could excavate the lava out of our 4 million dollar dump and we could take our trash there! It should be cool soon.

    Then we could see the lava too!

    I’m sorry, but I certainly do not want to have to drive to Maku’u, park my car and pay $ to get bussed to the dump to see the lava.

  3. Sara Steiner
    Sara Steiner says:

    Jay what do you mean by Puna Follies? Many of us here in Puna are aware that the folks not from here think we are lesser human beings or worse perhaps..

    Kit I tried several times to go to the Kalapana dump but it is only open 3 days a week. There are thousands of people who wish to remain in lower puna who don’t want to drive an extra 20 or so miles to take their maggots to Kalapana just to be trucked somewhere else.

  4. R Dean
    R Dean says:

    I don’t understand why folks are complaining. The majority voted in the politicians that allow these blatant
    don’t care attitudes towards the taxpayer. If you are
    dissatified then elect someone other than the same people
    who make a career of living off other peoples taxes.

  5. Alan McNarie
    Alan McNarie says:

    Actually, I think the problem is that most of us didn’t vote for them–or for anybody else. About 70 percent of residents of voting age stayed home in this November’s elections in Hawaii; David Ige was elected governor by less than 16 percent of Hawaii’s adults. See my election night commentary.

  6. Alan McNarie
    Alan McNarie says:

    There were some decent choices in several races in the primary. Unfortunately people let a little tropical storm keep them home….

  7. NeighborWatch
    NeighborWatch says:

    “decent choices” LOL REALLY? WHO? Yet to see one I’d get out of my chair for. You tell it how it is Sara. 😉

  8. Alan McNarie
    Alan McNarie says:

    During the primary, we had everyone from Occupiers to Libertarians running. And some of them had some genuine skills and credentials to offer the community. So yes, I stand by my comment: there were some decent choices in several of the primary races.

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