Lava Report: Pele Pauses Again

After inching to within a half mile of Highway 130 on Monday, Pele appears to be backing and filling again.

Hawaiian Volcano Observatory reported at 11 a.m. yesterday that the leading tongue of lava had stalled 580 yards above Pahoa Market Place, though there were a number of breakouts “immediately” above the flow’s leading edge and at various points further upslope, including near the old True Geothermal drilling pad in the Wao Kele O Puna forest.  A Hawaii County Civil Defense report at 7:30 this morning confirmed that the front “remains active however has not advanced since yesterday.”

In other lava news, the Postal Service disclosed its lava contingency plans at a public meeting in Pahoa yesterday afternoon. The Post Office has leased extra space in Kea’au in case it needs to evacuate its Pahoa facility.  However, it does not plan to close the Pahoa Post Office unless it’s directly threatened by the lava, and right now, that office does not appear to be in harm’s way.

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