Featured Artist — Alan Lakritz Is On The Cover Of This Month’s Print Edition

Begin C of C_si Alan Lakritz is a member of the Rotary Club of Pahoa, a long time Hawaii Island resident and has been practicing photo journalism in Hawaii since his arrival in the late 1960s. These past few years have been spent photographing the details of Pahoa Village and other Puna District places of interest. View his online photo gallery at Flickr.com under “Alan L.”

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  1. vallaeia springs
    vallaeia springs says:

    Aloha featured artist Alan Lakritz and Big Island Chronicle…
    An item was brought to my attention this week in issue 20 February, 2015 of the Big Island Chronicle that requires my comment and attention. Though I do not see it on the web edition of your newspaper, I have before me a physical 3 dimensional copy of that issue. I would like to bring to your attention, both you and the readers of this newspaper to page 14. In the second column of the first vertical 1/2, last paragraph, is an image of a painting of a mural in the heart of Pahoa Village, Big Island, Hawaii. On that image in the lower right corner is a copyright symbol with the name © Alan L, and it is also underlined. Now, I have to say that by all intents and purposes it blatantly appears that this copyright symbol and person by the name Alan L is claiming the image as their own, and publishing it as such in a public way in your newspaper as your featured artist. However, I Vallaeia Springs, am writing to you all in a public manner, to bring to your attention that I lay claim as the artist and producer of this image in the heart of downtown Pahoa village. If you look up in the upper right hand corner of this mural, you will see MY signature and MY business name. I PAINTED THIS IMAGE in 2008. I have the legal and moral copyright to this image not Alan L. And any attempts to claim and copyright this image by anyone other than myself is fraud. If you go back in your archives Big Island Chronicle, to May 2009 issue 22, you will see two colored features of this painting and the story that inspired it that Big Island Chronicle printed. I do give permission for photos yes, that to is written on the wall, but I DO NOT give permission for anyone to copyright MY WORK for any reason at any time past, present, or future. I respectfully request that your publication and your featured artist publicly correct this blatant theft of my work, and visit me and the community with an apology. I am currently embarking on a new phase of my career and I thank you for this recognition. My art show is coming up on April 11, 2015 and I invite the public to join me. keep your eyes out for the flyer…ALOHA to you all

  2. Tiffany Edwards Hunt
    Tiffany Edwards Hunt says:

    Vallaeia Springs and I spoke on the phone this morning and she will be the featured artist in the next print edition. Alan Lakritz took a photo of Vallaeia’s mural in Pahoa as an effort to showcase her work and generally the artistry of Pahoa. That was BIC’s intention in publishing Alan’s photos. So we will showcase Vallaeia’s work, and recall a story I did a while back describing Vallaeia’s inspiration for the Vishnu mural… Stay tuned.

  3. Alan L
    Alan L says:

    My personal public apology to Vallaeia Springs that @AlanL signature 9not copyright) was my photo/watermark for the/ my photo of your beautiful artwork in a documentation of the Pahoa Village streets and in the/ any article was my and the only intent.- I usually mark my photos for my credit as photographer– again many apologies to you and any and all readers who may have been unnecessarily upset. I will be sure to credit you as the artworks creator if ever I use that photo or parts of it again as a showcase of Pahoa -which again, is my only intent
    Malama Pono

  4. vallaeia springs
    vallaeia springs says:

    thank you so much for this clarity
    the watermark for your photo is a @ not a © ?
    they look far too much alike on such a small black and white photo, even with a magnifying glass it looks like a ©, perhaps because the circle is complete as in a copyright, and for the @ the circle is supposed to be incomplete.
    so, your @ Alan L IS ACCEPTABLE and i owe both BIC and Alan L a public apology for myself and my friends not seeing that difference…we’re all learning and growing together, and something beautiful is emerging from even this mistake…we all win on this one…
    blessings and thank you

  5. Shawn Harrington
    Shawn Harrington says:


    please “introduce” me to Mr Lakritz ~ i am a “white female United States CITIZEN” who has been brutally raped and beaten by the HONOLULU POLICE DEPARTMENT on 12 March 2015 and on 02 April 2015.

    i own the townhouse at the above address (net worth ~$400,000) and earn $1,000 per week, but the police mistook ME for homeless…

    the COPS ARE ENRAGED about getting “caught on film” murdering African-Americans and all others of “brown skin tones” and they are brutally exacting revenge on the WHITE lower class on this island of O’ahu.

    i have LOTS of proof of the beatings i received – security camera footage and a ton of personal phone film footage from all the onlookers (yes, the cops have become VERY brazen!).

    they currently have possession of my vehicle, expounded a week or so ago, which was lawfully parked in MY lawful parking stall assigned to MY townhouse in the Palehua Townhouse Community.



    i met a 29 year old artist (white) who spends time with the homeless in Waikiki ~ the cops mistook him for a homeless ICE addict and threw him on the ground ~ intentionally face-first into a puddle of dirty water ~ and held him by the neck ~ broke several of his teeth, etc ~~ and NEVER CHARGED HIM WITH ANYTHING ~

    Speaking of which ~ i have not been charged with anything, but after living on this island as an “upstanding US citizen” for 15+ years, i have now been BANNED from the Kapolei Safeway shopping center, the Bubba Gump restaurant at the Ala Moana Mall, the Ala Moana Hotel, the Moana SurfRider hotel and multiple other properties on O’ahu ~~ and i have not been charged with a single because i truly am a pretty “upstanding citizen” (only “crime” has ever been exceeding the speed limit by 15 miles per hour and getting ticketed a couple of times).

    i am being continually persecuted and i greatly fear for the lives of all the homeless here, but right now, especially ALL the WHITE folk…

    my number is 808.392.4602

    thanks so much!


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