Letter: Roaring Lions Variety Show Supports Vision Screening for Kids

Aloha Tiffany!

The Lions of East Hawaii need your help!  We have received Federal approval for the Big Island Lions Foundation as a 501(c)(3) public charty and we are holding our first fund raiser on March 26 at the Palace. 

It promises to be a fantastic night with generous performances given to this event by some of East Hawaii’s great performance artists. 

·         Kawaimaluhia and Nani Naope & Friends

·         The Masoe Family

·         Merahi, the award winning Tahitian dancers

·         Ke Ola Makanio Mauna Loa Halau

·         Ben Kaili & Friends

·         Special Guest Diane Aki

 The Kamehameha Chorus will perform in the lobby before the show!

 Please help spread the word!  If you would like tickets to sell, I am glad to be able to help you.  Tickets are $20, available at my office or at the box office the night of the show.

 This year, the East Hawaii Lions introduced cameras to our vision screening for school children.  The cameras make the process faster and more accurate, allowing us to work with more children.  The best feature is that we can now do younger preschool children because the cameras do not require the children to have developed speech and social skills.  It relies on the reflection of light from the inner eye.  The vendor has allowed us to work with a demonstrator but now we need to purchase at least two cameras for our work.  Each camera costs $5,800.

  Come out to enjoy the fun and do something special for our keiki!

Nancy Jean Kramer


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