Letter: The Crisis is Over; Bring Back Lower Puna Grade-Schoolers

Dearest Anyone Who Cares About The School Children Of Lower Puna:

I noticed in the Hawaii Trib-Herald story this morning, the “schools”  that relocated children plan to keep their current arrangements for the rest of the school year.  Now, in addition to the little kids from Pahoa and Keonepoko being kept in little pods in Keaau, taking field trips to the bathroom, and hanging out with high schoolers for another 3 months, due to preemptive forced evacuation, some other information has been imparted which you should consider now rather that making everyone suffer through the end of the school year because you can.

It was just  brought to my attention that since the mayor reinstated Section 8 housing in lower Puna, lots of folks have moved back, and their kids which should be going to Keonepoko have to go to Pahoa School, and now there are so many little kids in Pahoa School, the older elementary kids are now in classrooms on the high school side, not with their elementary school friends, and exposed to the problems inherent in our high schools.

Why don’t you in charge just take a few days or over the weekend, and open up Keonepoko, and let the kids all go back where they belong???  Why do you make them, their parents and the teachers, stay unnecessarily???  The lava has not really been a threat for awhile now.  Could it because you spent way too much money in your panic, and now the kids and parents and teachers have to suffer until the DOE get’s off its okole and decides it is time?  If it is not this, than please clarify your reasons for keeping the children where they are for many more months, and please clarify it to the students, teachers, parents and caring community members in writing and in the newspaper, so everyone can know the real reason and try to come to grips with this new “dire emergency” method of dealing with Pele our government is testing out on us in lower Puna..

With Love,

Sara Steiner

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  1. Kelly
    Kelly says:

    Dear Sara – There is a rumor that aerial thermal imaging has shown that molten lava entered an existing tube (well below the surface flows) and found it’s way down to the keonepoko school area. I have not been able to confirm this,
    but if anybody knows about this…

  2. Sara Steiner
    Sara Steiner says:

    I heard there is a large lava tube that starts behind malama market and goes to where Keonepoko is. If that thermal thing is true that would explain why they evacuated Keonepoko, although the people should know about it. So, ok, say there was a lava tube and it was getting full of lava, and they evacuated the school. That was last year, when the lava was coming to the cemetary area. Their thermal imaging should show that it is either cold and hard now, or alive and going where???

    I also just heard that Keonepoko school has been gutted, down to the wires ripped out. I drove by, didn’t see any security, did not try to enter. I emailed Russell Ruderman today to see if he can confirm or deny that.

    If that is true, that would explain why the DOE won’t send our kiddies back…

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