For The Reading List — ‘Crossing Karma Zones’

By Tiffany Edwards Hunt

If you have any interest in one’s journey through “psychedelic inner worlds,” you’ll appreciate the autobiography of Pahoa resident George Douvris.

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“One of the best autobiographies of the year,” says Lee Underwood, the lead guitarist for Tim Buckley who wrote Buckley’s biography.

Noting Douvris grew up in a traditional Greek household, Underwood says, “Early on, he became a gypsy soul who yearned for far-away places, exotic locales, and liberting points of view based on love, compassion, and deep respect for nature.

“With ‘60s music as his anthem and psychedleic experiences as his teachers, his watch-words became empahty, compassion, love, respect, and psycho-spiritual realization,” Underwood writes.

“George Douvris remains a born-again hippie, despite an attempted exorcism by a Greek Orthodox cleric when Douvris was  long-haired, marijuana-toking adolescent,” says Paul Krassner, editor of “Pot Stories for the Soul: An Updated Edition for a Stoned America.”

Krassner writes that, as a result of Douvris’ psychodelic use, he had an “an evolutionary jump in consciousness and the sense of community it created continues to survive.”

“George’s adventures and misadventures in this book provide the backstory of his current calling.  He serves as a diligent, online, ongoing archivist of the counterculture,” Krassner notes.

Douvris himself says this book is about his journey growing up in a Greek-American family in the southern US in the 1950s and coming of age with the civil unrest of the ‘60s.

“Sex, drugs, and rock and roll navigate into spiritual growth with an eclectic integration of humor and reflection through the many exciting passages of my experiences across space and time,” Douvris says.

— Tiffany Edwards Hunt


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  1. Nancy Drew says:

    This is a terrific book. I loved the stories of George Douvris’ life! I’m looking forward to reading “the rest of the story” in his next tome.

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