Hawaiians Arrested for Squatting Claim “Sovereign Rights”

According to the Hawaii Police Department, eight people were  arrested on Friday, August 14, for illegally squatting in a Kurtistown home while claiming Hawaiian Sovereignty rights.”After an extended effort by a Realtor to remove former tenants and others from a foreclosed home on Kapalai Road in Kurtistown, State Sheriffs served an eviction notice on July 25 on the persons squatting in one of two homes on the property,” the police press release eported. “Several of the adults present were confrontational, refusing to identify themselves, but all 12 persons (adults and children) left the property with their belongings. The Realtor later changed the locks on the doors.

“On August 5, police conducted a check of the house in response to information that it appeared one of the homes had been reoccupied after the eviction. Police observed a woman outside the house who immediately went inside, secured the door and refused to come out, arguing that she had Hawaiian Sovereignty rights allowing occupancy of the house and property. Police overheard other persons inside the house and advised the occupants that they would be returning.”

Ten days later after police returned and surrounded the structure, “The occupants voluntarily opened the door and all eight adults were arrested but refused to be fingerprinted or photographed, claiming Hawaiian Sovereignty.”

All of those arrested were adults.  The police also contacted the Humane Society to take custody of  seven dogs that were allso on the property.

Those arrested and charged with first-degree criminal trespassing:

Tiana Kaniaupio, 19
Sarah Kanuha, 35
Herman Elderts Jr., 37
Shaun Kanuha, 40
Victoria Elderts, 58
Herman Elderts Sr., 65
William Elderts, 73
Barbara Elderts, 83

Bail was set for each at $1,000.

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