***Commentary*** Proposed Resolution Calling For The Opening Of Railroad Avenue Between HPP And Nanawale Estates

I lost the election to the Hawaii County Council, but I can still try and write some legislation, at least a resolution for God sakes. Following is:
A resolution calling for the immediate opening of Railroad Avenue between HPP and Nanawale Estates.
Whereas, an improvement to Railroad Avenue between HPP and Nanawale occurred in 2014 as a result of lava threatening to inundate Pahoa Village;
Whereas, HPP homeowners consented to the use of the subdivisions roads to access this connector road between HPP and Nanawale;
Whereas, to respect HPP homeowners, the County of Hawaii agreed to open up this newly improved connector road for emergency purposes;
Whereas, the State of Hawaii has started on construction of a roundabout at the intersection of Highway 130 and Pahoa Village Road;
Whereas, the detour route takes the traffic down Pahoa Village Road and Kahakai Boulevard, both two-lane roads considered substandard in terms of modern road construction requirements;
Whereas, traffic is backing up as far as Ainaloa subdivision, several miles from Pahoa Village, as a result of the roundabout construction;
Whereas, the people of lower Puna are not only inconvenienced by the traffic backup, emergency responders are having a difficult time responding to calls for service in a timely manner;
Whereas, the traffic backup experienced with the roundabout construction is begging a solution;
Whereas, Railroad Avenue between HPP and Nanawale Estates must be opened to alleviate the traffic backup on Highway 130…
Now therefore it is so…

— Tiffany Edwards Hunt

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  1. Jay Turkovsky
    Jay Turkovsky says:

    The biggest problem we fight is HPP. They seem to be quite adamant against allowing use of their Maku’u Drive since it’s one of THEIR private roads. (Expressed by a friend there.) Of course, this only speaks to the modern day philosophy of “I got mine and screw you”. Most seem to forget there is a United in our country’s name! I think, therefore, it is necessary for this to officially be called an emergency situation which would give the County the right of temporary domain.

  2. Christopher Biltoft
    Christopher Biltoft says:

    I support this common sense resolution to our on-going traffic problems. The eventual goal should be opening Railroad Road through to Hilo.

  3. Christopher Biltoft
    Christopher Biltoft says:

    Tiffany: Thank you for drafting this resolution. It is the most common sense solution to our on-going traffic problem.

  4. Roy Dean
    Roy Dean says:

    for what it is worth Tiffany, a petition with signatures will carry political weight in support of your resolution. good luck.

  5. Kelly
    Kelly says:

    I wonder what happened?
    It is Thursday evening and I just drove through Pahoa, going north, expecting to see the traffic coming from the north backed up like it has been this week. There were no cars backed up at all.
    Surprised, I checked the time. It was 5:30!
    What could have made things so different from one day to the next, I asked myself. Was it people rearranging their commute times? Was it the adjustments made to the stop lights? Maybe there was a big accident toward Keaau?
    The problem seemed to have just vanished, though I don’t believe in miracles.

  6. Puna Ohana
    Puna Ohana says:

    yea, the lava flow was an EMERGENCY, and really should never have been re-opened unless it were for some enlightened reason, such as a Hydro-electric commuter light-rail, silent/clean running, train/trolley. But no… let’s roll more overweight trucks through the Park, to further degrade the substandard roads we already pay too much for.(and get nothing back.)
    These days they are dumping slag/road tailings?, it looks like,
    since I guess the sand/gravel mix costs too much. It’s bad enough to have to pay unfair road fees as it is. Everyone paying the same price for entirely different roads.
    WTF? is wrong with people? with believing that is fair or equitable?
    Yet they keep writing checks because they don’t want to make any trouble?
    Oy ve! This Orwellian World in which we live.

    IF HPPOA were to open it’s PRIVATE road, to the general public, for commuter purposes, they should charge a toll. Maybe they could then pave all the roads that were promised, when they put everyone into lifetime debt. Fair is fair.
    I paid the guy a dollar or a beer to drive through his lot at the top of Ainaloa Blvd. when the blocked it with a gate. I swear Puna does the loopiest shit I’ve seen done anywhere, at anytime in my life.

    WHO? voted for the loop-di-loop KNOWING the traffic nightmare it would cause. And many KNOW of the continuous nightmares it will continue to cause for years to come. But some people think this isn’t Puna and it will work like somewhere else.? Why? Cause it does somewhere else…..
    HPP residents didn’t vote for a traffic circle in Pahoa, why should they have to put up with commuter traffic twice a day and heavy trucks all day?
    Happy Holidays

  7. Puna Ohana
    Puna Ohana says:

    Certainly not an issue of mine and yours, we PAY stupid roads fees for the same crappy roads year after year, even though the fee goes up. Quadrupled in the time I’ve been paying, for the same potholes.

    As long as it’s not a freebie to the General Public, who DO NOT contribute the the maintenance fees of these roads, yet are perfectly willing to USE them and add to their degradation. County Emergency Funds could contribute for a temporary right-of-way. Help pay down some of the debt that paved the top of Makuu from RR to the Hwy. Reduce or fees?

    This isn’t a “community” thoroughfare. But refund all my paid fees and stop collecting them and THEN the “community” can use em, litter on them, peal out on them, dump cars and appliances from Hawaiian Beaches on them.

    Simple cost effective solution to that intersection would have been simpler than all this hubbub about a circle. They could have stuck a traffic shack in the triangle that was there. Opening of the gas station egress was long overdue, and made for an easy exit. But when there is a cop present people drive like they’re taking a driving test.
    The wage of a cop I’m sure is less then the millions? Wasted on this silliness. LOL Merry Xmas


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