***Commentary*** A Notation On The Zendo Kern-Daniel Paleka Connection

In my inbox tonight I have a press release from a UH Hilo student with her own side story. The press release is a smear on incumbent Daniel Paleka, running against Jen Ruggles for the seat I sought in 2014. This was the seat that Zendo Kern held from 2012-2014. Once a supporter of Kern, even a cheerleader for him, I was disappointed with him being such a deadbeat. I spoke openly about him and his performance on social media and in Big Island Chronicle. I wanted better representation than I thought we were getting from him. I decided to run for office, at first thinking Kern would be seeking re-election and believing he should not try and serve again. Instead, he opted not to run and Paleka emerged as the key contender and claimed victory of the council District 5 seat.  Fast forward to present day, this press release claims Paleka is being fined by the Campaign Spending Commission for failing to disclose contributions made in 2014. Among them is a significant contribution from Kern, who you should know is the state’s main witness alleging I committed voter fraud in 2012, the year I served as Kern’s campaign manager. “Among the campaign contributions not reported until this year was a $2,000 donation from ‘Friends of Kendo [Zendo] Kern…'” the press release from Amber Shouse states. Amber has worked with Jen Ruggles on the University of Hawaii Hilo Student Association and has had her own ink regarding UHHSA. I have no opinion on any of those politics and I don’t have any dog in the Ruggles-Paleka fight. I’m actually trying not to pay attention this election cycle. But I will say this: thank you Amber for this enlightenment; I’m going to post it here, for the record, and as a piece of a grand story that I will not be able to help telling fully someday. I just won’t be able to keep it to myself anymore after everything unfolds in its entirety. For now, here is the press release in my inbox tonight:

For Immediate Release
August 10, 2016
Contact: Amber Shouse – 808 990-2218
Hawaii County Council member Danny Paleka fined by Campaign Spending Commission

On 8/10/16 Campaign Spending Commission Elections assistant Sandy Lee confirmed that a fine has been issued to Hawaii County Councilman Danny Paleka for campaign finance violations. The Campaign Spending Commission has yet to release other details. A review of Paleka’s campaign spending reports show several discrepancies amounting to tens of thousands of dollars. See reports here.
On August 2, 2014 a Hawaii Tribune Herald article by Nancy Cook Lauer mentioned campaign spending discrepancies by Paleka.

The CSC oversees Chapter 11 part VIII of the Hawaii Revised Statutes Campaign Spending Law. Reports show that Paleka may have violated one or more Hawaii Revised Statutes regarding campaign finance including:
§11-340 Failure to file report; filing a substantially defective or deficient report.
§11-331 Filing of reports, generally.
§11-337 Reporting expenditures.
§11-338 Late contributions; late expenditures; report.
§11-342 Fundraiser; notice of intent.

On 06/26/16 Danny Paleka amended 28 Campaign Spending Commission reports covering July 1st, 2014 – Nov. 04 2014. Some of these reports were previously amended in 2015 as well. The differences between the reports are stark. Differences between the councilman’s original reports and newly amended ones include:

? Failed to include $24,395.73 in expenditures on the original disclosures made for the 2012-14 election cycle.

? Failed to include at least $9,806.79 in campaign contributions on original reports made for that same cycle.

? Among the campaign contributions not reported until this year was a $2,000 donation from “Friends of Kendo [Zendo] Kern,” (name misspelled), former Hawaii County District 5 Council member. Other contributions larger than $1,000, including some from out of state donors, were also not reported until this year.

? Failed to file an Intent to Hold a Fundraiser as required by the CSC, for the 7/17/14 fundraiser held at Aunty Sally’s Luau House in Hilo. The fundraiser was mentioned on 2 occasions in the 2012-2014 2nd Preliminary Primary July 1-July 25, 2014 report.

? On 07/30/2014 Paleka recorded $2,699 in contributions from the 7/17/14 fundraiser. The reports from the 2012-14 election cycle, amended in June this year do not include that $2,699. A non-monetary contribution of $275 from Alakai Productions for “entertainment for fundraiser”, is among other contributions listed on the original reports from 2014 that are no longer listed on the newly amended reports.

For further details please contact the Campaign Spending Commission: (808) 586-0285
Amber Shouse: email- shouseamber@gmail.com Cell- (808) 990-2218

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